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Does this mean I get to streetpass with you often now?

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It begins.

This is probably the most sleekest system when it comes to this kind of stuff, easy on the eyes and super functional~ Keep up the great work!

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PS3 - Hyperfludd

Just grabbed the game, aw yeah.

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Honestly, these CC2 games are the only reason I even give a damn about Naruto. So yes, I plan to pick this up eventually.

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I'm enjoying most of the interactions children bring, taking a shine to Brady though. I get a smile on almost all of his support conversations.

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A new Mario & Luigi game? Hell yes. Now just announce a new Advance Wars games at E3 and we're good forever, Nintendo.

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That delay is incredible nuts, holy shit. It's like Ubisoft is sending the game off to die against GTA5 and the like.

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@BjornTheUnicorn said:

Fuse might be fundamentally pretty sound, but it's crazy how Overstrike was all "Incredibles meets Ratchet & Clank cartoony fun crazy weapons violence" to Fuse's "Generic Generic Generic Generic"

My excitement went wayyyy down when the remodeling was announced. Hopefully I'm wrong, but jeez

I feel exactly the same, my want for the game took an incredible blow when it stopped being Overstrike. I really do hope we're wrong, though. I have my faith in Insomniac.

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Not much for me this year, I kinda blew most of my spare money on Wii U. X COM is super tempting though..

In the end I might just pick up a new usb flash stick and a wii remote charger at radioshack.

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The idea in general sounds great, but uh..