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Maybe it's riptor taking a swim? or Nessie for season 2

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I just recorded this and uploaded it, has anyone noticed this before? I googled it and I didn't come up with anything.

Be sure to switch to 720p to see the silhouette in full detail.


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Can anyone tell me which air date and time stamp on the bombcast featured the EVE ONLINE email?

It was an email that one of the guys were reading about how EVE ONLINE is insane, something about a spy who spent a year infiltrating a corporation and eventually became trusted with the Corp. assets. It was all part of a hitman for hire sort of deal all done legally within the rules of the game.

if someone out there has that specific clip, or just the bombcast air date, would be much appreciated! thank you!

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Im wondering and wanted to do a headcount, did anyone buy the characters individually? or did you spend 20 bucks for the basic pack that contains all 6 characters with a promised 2 post launch (savings of 20 dollars)?

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A friend and I are looking for a friendly 2v2 skirmish on AGL style maps. we can play as long as we can unless you're way out of our league. I don't need to know what your record is beforehand so in order for me to judge whether we are not worthy is to find out on the battlefield!

Send me a message to my GT: I3elmont

thats a capitol "i" as in Ivan and the number ""three" to make up a "B"

the rest is just "elmont"

Hope to play you soon!

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Me and a buddy are looking for a team to play against, we're tired of getting two randoms during slayer matches and since Team Doubles isnt a playlist option, I'm putting the call out right now.

Add me on XBL if you and a friend want to play a 2 vs 2 match.

We can do it like this.

We can play best 2 out of 3. we will pick a map, you will pick a map, tie breaker map can either be Haven or Adrift since those are the most symmetrical

This way people who want a rematch can pull a win if we happen to beat you on "our map"

Also, no objective based game types. the maps can also be the three maps that are included on the disc but are not in circulation (i.e settler, relay and ascent)

My gamertag is


thats a capitol I as in Ivan the number "three" and the rest is just elmont


I hope i get some challenges. thanks for viewing.

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@TyCobb: hey atleast you admit when you're wrong. we can just agree to disagree, i think the film is great!

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@TyCobb: scott didnt write the film wtf are you talking about? if thats the one scene that person based their review on that person obviously cant recognize a good movie when they see one. and it was never supposed to be a prequel, its a separate story that takes place in the same universe, thats all.

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@TyCobb: Yeah let me veer to the side where all the falling debris is. also, what good is a movie that gives you all the answers? especially a sci fi flick like that. its going to get a sequel no later than 2014 so maybe you can get your answers there

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