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@jumbs: Now tell us how you really feel about gamers!

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I think we need the entire Giant Bomb crew to answer this important question:


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To future devs, please don't act like this when you go under. Really doesn't help when you want to go back in business.

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See that slope? It's slippery.

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I can almost hear the sound of thousands of people going: Ugh

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Oh good. This thread is active. Or is that bad? Either way, with the way things have developed today things are gonna get real ugly real soon. Please don't be a jerk and if you see someone be a jerk, call them out on being a jerk. They might not realize they are being jerks.
Also a well deserved pat on the back for Rorie and the mods for actually keeping this place moderated. Just got back from some other areas of the internet where it's like if the Hindenburg and Titanic have crashed in mid air and then dropped on the Exxon Valdez.

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Remember people: The internet will get better if WE make it better. Or we might make it worse. Who knows?

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@splodge: Please don't become upset. I will re clarify:

There is a giant difference between your run-of-the-mill women-hating misogynist and a group of people who's sole desire is to cause anguish and fear in a random internet stranger's heart.

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@icarusfoundyou said:

@splodge said:

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@mikelemmer said:

The problem is it isn't an isolated psychopath; it's a group of he-man woman-haters who realized they can get away with this and are encouraging each other to do it.

I would like to know how confident you are about that statement. How sure are you that this is not a group of psychopaths capitalizing on a current situation?

He said it is not an isolated individual, but a group. That's exactly what he said.

He said it's a group of "he-man woman-haters". I'm saying how can he be sure it's not a group of internet psychopaths?

You don't equate "he-man woman haters" to "internet psychopaths?". These kind of pedantics offer nothing.

No I don't. They are completely different animals.