The Sims are the downfall of civilization

So I just ordered the sims 3...does it count as jumping on the bandwagon if everyone else got off 3 years ago?

It started innocently enough, a saturday night I had set aside from homework to dedicate to Skyrim. I finished up my work at 11, sat my ass down in front of my xbox and got prepared for a long night of dragon slaying. That lasted 20 minutes. One game breaking bug later (one that permanently locked me out of a room containing a word of power, A WORD OF POWER I TELL YOU!) I was no longer in the mood for skyrim. It was 11:30, I was disgruntle, so short of things to do and play I started digging around in my back catalogue of old PC games for something to do. Lo and behold I found the sims 2, popped it in, and within 30 minutes found myself completely obssessed like I hadn't been since junior high. I found myself sitting there positively vibrating with excitement at the prospect of buying drapes for my sims. This is not healthy for a 20 year old male.

Unfortunately, though I might have been acting like an 8th grader, I was an 8th grader with a credit card and it was not too long before I realized that there was another, newer, bigger, BETTER sims game out there, that I had completely missed - being busy making friends and bathing during the period when it came out originally - along with a cornucopia of expansion packs (fuck YES i would like my sims to be vampires, why do you ask?). I fought myself, I struggled, I made excellent arguments for why I do not need the distraction that the Sims creates at this time of the year. and now I'm sitting here watching the shipment tracker as my precious cargo is slowly carted across the country to my waiting arms. I feel dirty.

As I sit here watching my homework pile up and my dignity drain away I have to wonder, is it even remotely possible for a game that somehow turns a normal human male into a fashion obsessed, curtain buying, peeping tom voyeur to be anything OTHER than the devil's work? Maybe I should just burn it when it arrives, throw some holy water on it and save my soul-wait, I can be a PRIVATE DETECTIVE?? FUCKIN' A!