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Timothy Dalton was a great James Bond and way better than Roger Moore and Pierce Bronson

I'll fight you on Pierce but otherwise yeah, Dalton was probably the best Bond.

The Daniel Craig movies are awful Bond movies, and Quantum of Solace is an actively bad movie.

Also I think Minecraft is better than Terraria.

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I have a joker bobble head I got for a birthday, and a map of Skyrim from the pre-orders. A couple of posters, nothing to heavy duty nerd. Although I do have that 10 year anniversary Firefly poster, still rolled up. Gonna get a proper frame for that baby.

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Just got the first book in the mail, I have the others, I somehow never had the first one, gonna read them all again. People keep referencing shit and I have no clue.

I'll be interested to see when Joffery's wedding (and so death) are in the Season. I assume it will be the second last episode, and the final episode will be Tyrion's escape. Apart from that I have no memory of what happens at this point.

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I thought it was an ok episode, but then again I love the crime solving stuff, and this episode didn't have a lot of it. I prefer it when Sherlock is just dominating people knowing tonnes of stuff, instead of running everywhere. Cool to see the new dimension to Mycroft and Sherlock's relationship. Something is definitely up with Watson's fiance, but I kind of wish they hadn't telegraphed it so obviously, and I was hoping Molly and Sherlock's relationship would go somewhere, ah well, maybe it still will.

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Is it too crazy to have John Drake on board? Would that be too much madness?

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Just changed it actually, dunno if I'll keep it for long though.

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I like the status confirmation of whether or not Drew is standing at the start of every podcast. That should become a feature.

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I'm looking for an old point and click adventure game (I'm fairly certain it was point and click) on the PC, from probably around the early to mid-90s (possibly earlier). The game starts with an old man approaching you in an alley and pulling something from his robe (it was a more naive time...), it's like a jewel or something, and there's a flash, and you're transported to a fantasy world.

I never got very far, but the first area is in and around a giant palace or mansion and its gardens, particularly a large hedge maze. Most of the palace's occupants have either been frozen or vanished (I can't remember exactly, and IIRC the game itself was not clear on which was the case), and it's your job to free them.

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Switzerland if I could move anywhere. But I currently want to move to the US from Australia.