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This put a huge smile on my face, holy shit.

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Always a pleasant surprise to come home to a new Metal Gear Scanlon on the upcoming list.

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Oh man, pretty stoked that a new episode is hitting tonight. I don't work tomorrow, I've got a six-pack in the fridge and some snacks to munch on. Tonight's gonna be good.

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Crossing my fingers for a new episode tonight.

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@humanity said:

You kinda fucked yourself over with Unity, could waited that one extra day.

I'm curious to see the reviews, and I mean the actual reviews not the scores. This is one of those rare games where I honestly know almost nothing about how it plays which is pretty exciting for a change. It could also be potentially super disappointing.

Could be, yes, but that's the case with every single release. Knowing Miyazaki's track record and knowing how many times I've drooled over Bloodborne footage, I'm pretty confident that I'll enjoy Bloodborne a whole lot. I can usually keep my hype in check when it comes to getting overexcited but waiting for March 24th is making me feel like a little kid again.

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@inresurrection said:

@snakeitachi said:

Review embargo drops Monday just to let everyone know. Dat confidence!

Dat standard review embargo timeframe!

Hahaha i think he was being sarcastic. Sadly nowadays reviews come late. AC Unity fucked me over

Yeah, I do miss the days where reviews were more commonly dropped a week early. In this case I'm sort of thankful, though - the media blitz and countless Bloodborne video reviews leading up to release would tempt me way too much.

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Review embargo drops Monday just to let everyone know. Dat confidence!

Dat standard review embargo timeframe!

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Aaaaand it's up!!!

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Maaaan, I was so ready to click play at 3:01am, and now I'm refreshing Giant Bomb like an idiot hoping it pops up.

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@geraltitude said:

I think I'm going to play MGS3 for the second time in six months...

Anyone else jumping back into the game?

I'm gonna try it on Euro Extreme I think :P seems fun to be forced to do a perfect stealth run, but I wonder if it will make the boss fights too hard for me? Does anyone have experience with that? Is the damage model really intense on extreme?

I really wish I could. Still have my PS2 copy of Subsistence but my PS3 died on me a few months ago while on a Dark Souls 2 playthrough. Broke my heart.

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