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Nice. I think I'll pick one up sometime this year, then.

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@garc4475 said:
" Its jerico hack n slash with stickers of kojima and castlevania all over it ,this is a gamethat is best forgotten. And  i'm so gladits getting negative reviews and no coverage i hope it sells like shit. "
How mature of you. Mercurysteam put their hearts and souls into this game. It's getting excellent reviews from a ton of different media outlets - the worst its gotten is a 7.5. Grow up, man. You have no idea what you're even talking about. Jericho Hack 'n' Slash? What the hell?
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This is really neat, i"m going to keep an eye on this for sure.

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 Much, much better, in my opinion... Reminds me a bit of the Lament of Innocence box art, which is to this day one of my favourite box arts of all time.
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@RollingZeppelin: I thought the same thing!