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Not long enough, plus besides GBeast and Drew any more "endurance runs' would be great!! But honestly I have to say the guys have been awesome churning out video content this year.

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Westerado: Double Barreled, with Dan and Jeff super funny and dumb yet perfectly showed of the wackiness of the game.

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@zornack said:

I voted yes but I'm not certain it has to be weekly. I'd be fine with one every two weeks.

Fuck yes, anything!

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Vinny should have his own daily podcast.

In fact, Vinny should just call me every day and chat.


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@ssully said:

Yes. I really miss bombing in the AM. A similar show, maybe once a week, with Vinny and Alex would be fantastic.

Yes, that would be great too... I'm not asking for a competing podcast, that would be lame..

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sorry about the typos in my original post, I can't edit them anymore

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Simple...I'm glad that I'm a PC gamer and always have been..... I do own some consoles (PS3, GameBoy, DS, 3DS) but only for games I could not get on PC.

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Nope, if you have open world fatigue then play CoD or some corridor shooter

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I would take Sid Meier's Pirates! Oh and Thank you!!