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@lethalki11ler: "something more important, like watching TV..." - Uhh... what?

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Gothenburg, Sweden

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@tearhead: I suppose I would call myself agnostic, I want to believe in a greater force in the universe but science isn't wrong and there should be rational explanations for everything. So I would argue that you cannot believe in science and also believe in any organised religion, like christianity or islam for instance. Basically I just think organised religions are a way of controlling people, and came to be because there was need for control. At the moment we have laws and moral conduct that people adhere to, much thanks to organised religion through history which in my honest opinion has made them more or less obsolete in modern society.

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I use the lightning sword I found at the first heavy knight-guy sitting by a tree sulking or something. Heilde Sword?

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Should just make a Kyle Katarn reboot-series imo! Or just a new Kyle Katarn-game, man Kyle Katarn is so great, Kyle Katarn! KYLE KATARN! *brain explodes*

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Odd thing to do imo, but at least he is honest. So you gotta decide if you just wanna stick it out as friends and let him stick _it_ in until graduation or not.

Personally I would have just called it quits as I realised there wasn't a long term prospect, but we're all different.

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Ran off and farmed some humanity from rats in the depths, then ran back and summoned sun-bro and on the first attempt I killed them both. They didnt even touch me once...

Instead i am now stuck on 4kings, think im gonna go kill the butterfly so I can summon Beatrix. She tends to blast those kings pretty hard.

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I dont find them all that hard usually, but as level eight the game is kinda different...

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@dudeglove: Sweet, ill go farm those after Im done working then. Managed to kill Ornstein, but it was a hollow victory as I got oneshotted by the fatties flying arse... :D