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So glad to see you guys finally posting something about this. About time. The only way to help is to talk about it loudly and condemn the actions.

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Is this really the time for this, Nintendo?

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@mden2013 said:

... Did I have a stroke?

This is the best way to describe most comics nowadays.

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I'm confused. The link on the main page led to this thread, which says it was posted by OneKillWonder_, but the first post is by RenegadeSaint. Seems like there's supposed to be an article or something here but I don't see it.

Exactly what I was thinking. What happened to this thread?

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There were some issues earlier with connecting with the chat, and it ended up reconnecting a number of times. After finally being able to chat, I received the following cooldown:

The change happened a few minutes prior to this screenshot, and this is after refreshing the feed.

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I was appearing as BadSniper52, then I saw at the very end someone else was also posting under the exact same name. So strange.

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Loved the crud out of 7. Rather skeptical since seeing all the new Heroes stuff fumble. Will probably give this a shot because I'm a sucker for this series.

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It looks like it's been fixed as I haven't seen it since at least yesterday. So issue is non.

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This has been persistent since the Spelunkin' With Scoops: 1/21/2014 has posted. Sometimes, it ends up being the main video as well. Figured someone else must've seen this, but hadn't seen anyone mention it yet. Tried doing hard refreshes, but just stays the same.

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@l33t_haxor: Yeeep. Luckily, they sent another update today saying the situation was taken care of and now each Humble Bundle has their own Steam Key to go with it. It's very face palmy.