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Is this really the time for this, Nintendo?

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@mden2013 said:

... Did I have a stroke?

This is the best way to describe most comics nowadays.

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I'm confused. The link on the main page led to this thread, which says it was posted by OneKillWonder_, but the first post is by RenegadeSaint. Seems like there's supposed to be an article or something here but I don't see it.

Exactly what I was thinking. What happened to this thread?

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There were some issues earlier with connecting with the chat, and it ended up reconnecting a number of times. After finally being able to chat, I received the following cooldown:

The change happened a few minutes prior to this screenshot, and this is after refreshing the feed.

Chrome, Windows 7.

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I was appearing as BadSniper52, then I saw at the very end someone else was also posting under the exact same name. So strange.

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Loved the crud out of 7. Rather skeptical since seeing all the new Heroes stuff fumble. Will probably give this a shot because I'm a sucker for this series.

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It looks like it's been fixed as I haven't seen it since at least yesterday. So issue is non.

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This has been persistent since the Spelunkin' With Scoops: 1/21/2014 has posted. Sometimes, it ends up being the main video as well. Figured someone else must've seen this, but hadn't seen anyone mention it yet. Tried doing hard refreshes, but just stays the same.

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@l33t_haxor: Yeeep. Luckily, they sent another update today saying the situation was taken care of and now each Humble Bundle has their own Steam Key to go with it. It's very face palmy.

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@russman588: Oh my goodness. I'm one of the people that contributed on Kickstarter for this, and just, wow.

This game was originally supposed to be released this past summer, and the delay was fine. Then it was pushed up until December. Then after the Steam holiday launch. Then an extra two day delay. And then it got released yesterday at something a little after 3pm (EST) for purchase (again, delayed time, but I'm just being nitpicky at this point).

But what about the funders?

A few short hours later, I received an email to fill out a survey via Kickstarter as to whether I wanted a Steam Key or not. Strange, but I filled it out and waited as patiently as I could. Meanwhile, I kept seeing Steam posts of select members having received their Steam keys and other also waiting still, and the Developer posts about sending out each Steam Key manually. What.

A little after 10:30pm that night, I got an email updating what the heck was going on. Regarding the Steam Keys:

We have sent out surveys to you all, and we have started sending out keys. However we chose the wrong method to get you keys (individually pasting a key into an email to each and every one of you...), and it's taking forever. We also just ran out of keys and requested a ton more (we underestimated how many of you have Steam accounts!).

Anyways, we are looking into getting the rest of you keys who want one via Humble's page, BUT will continue the individual method if necessary. Either way, we promise to get you a Steam key if you want one before the week is out. Thanks so much for your patience!

Luckily, the Humble Bundle download was finally accessible, and I downloaded that for today.

So this morning, after loading the game, I went and played for about 15 minutes in until I had a bug hit. A character got up to leave the room, but never fully left and instead blocked the door. Of course, this was the only door that I could leave through. I shut off the game and walked away.

And then I just learned about all the zillions of other bugs it has because they neglected to test such an expansive game with more than 20 people.

Now, you might think that because of this, I'm angry with the developer or have given up on Consortium all together. No way! I am certainly very frustrated, but remember that I did help fund this title. I really, really wanted this to happen and am still rather excited to get more involved in this as the story does have a strong appeal to me.

But I am just so amazed at all of these misses that occurred. How could they not know about the Steam Keys? If they knew they were going to send out all of these individually, why didn't they start sooner? And well, with the sheer number of story paths available in this title, why didn't they consider adding more people to the QA pool?

As I indicated earlier, again, I am merely frustrated. I am quite happy with how straight forward they have been throughout this whole process. If this had happened to pretty much any other developer on their first title, I don't think they would've done quite so well in that department. It's very reassuring and makes me glad that I helped give them this opportunity, albeit an incredibly buggy first ride.