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Amazing list again. Will likely stream some of these Thursday!

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Five Nights at Freddy's would be much less exciting if the player just built some solid obstacles in the doorways. Or quit.

Why do they need security at night?

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Jimmy, hang yourself off of the ceiling before Phillip does.

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Based upon that trailer, I'm not really seeing how the gameplay is that much different. I have some serious doubts that the protagonist being able to shout "I consent!" is much of a game change.

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Thanks for front paging this, Vinny.

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@casty said:

@jackijinx: Thank you for writing that.

You are welcome to my opinion any day of the week, fellow person.

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@hailinel said:

@jackijinx: I feel the sudden need to apologize, as I never realized what gender you are until just now.

You just gave me the best laugh! No need to apologize.

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@jackijinx: Not brushing your thoughts into a minority pan, over here! Do you think having all white straight men at the helm attracts a misogynistic community then? Women on the Bombcast sound good. When was there last a woman on the podcast? And not an E3 special? I guess the guys talk attraction occasionally, and they wouldn't if a woman was among them.

I don't think it necessarily attracts a misogynistic community, no, just one that ends up going into boy's club territory. And as the community has been fairly homogeneous for the past forever, any suggestion of change is unwelcome, which is a normal response. To be reluctant or against change once you're used to something for so long is normal. No one likes change unless they know it directly benefits them or they themselves have thought it up (I know this personally from working in a call center with constant changes).

The community, the team needs faces, not just random interesting industry people dropping in every once in awhile. There needs to be faces that let the rest of the community know, "This person represents you and your community. I am for your people!" Because, duders, I can tell you that no matter how many wonderfully talented women come and occasionally say their things, ultimately, GiantBomb is just not one of their things.

All said and done, I still feel on my own as a woman. I don't feel that way anywhere else in the world but here in gameland! I could go see Rambo 56 and I know I wouldn't feel alone in that way as there are other women, vocal representative women in the media and in the theater itself, alongside me. Even that environment isn't ideal, but for goodness sake, it's easy to find someone to relate to in that scenario.

We all know that writing well for video games isn't easy, and it isn't rocket science, either. Have a weekly writer, have an intern, have a something that's on a regular basis that gets one iota more of diverse representation. I can guarantee that there is at least one woman, one black person, one gay person, one whatever person out there willing to do something to this regard and can mesh with the group. This isn't investigative journalism here, there are no lives at stake, and these dudes working here are cool. Even if it would mean taking a hit in salary or writing talent, it is certainly doable. And I doubt that taking a writing hit would be much of a concern: being a minority and being talented/a good writer aren't mutually exclusive.

Guys, we know your hearts are in the right place, but are your actions alongside that?

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I am very glad to see a public statement about the harassment. Thank you for saying something about it again, Jeff. Still, despite this being in the absolute right direction, I don’t think this will do too much as the discussion ought to be less concerned with generalities and more specific as to why people were being dicks in the first place: it’s the whole white boys club thing. Maybe you guys aren’t ready to talk about this topic yet, and that’s understandable, but it needs to be addressed or you are just singing with the choir, and a bunch of other dudes who think they’ve been singing perfectly for years when they’re really out of key.

So, white dudes. The only serious problem I'm seeing with this whole white dudes thing is perspective. I like the staff, and I think they do a great job, but yeah, let's acknowledge that, at the face of this site, it’s entirely white men. I'm a white woman, and that certainly means what these guys see aren't always going to be seeing the same things I see. I'm assuming these new two dudes are qualified and good, possibly even impressive. But that does accumulate to anything at all if nothing new is added to the fire in terms of content.

I suppose that's why Patrick was a bit more controversial when he was hired because he seriously did take a good portion of this site into a different direction based upon how he works and that helped change the audience a bit as well. So many people whined about him for the longest time, and undoubtedly some still do. The change was significant and worth having in the end because Patrick aided and aids the community to think in a different direction based upon what he's more openly has advocated for and experimented with in content.

All this is good, but he nor other GB staff members still cannot speak for both genders or all colors of people. It's just not possible. And frankly, I'd rather see more content with those kinds of perspectives.

I want to hear what it's like from someone that's both a game journalist and a black man or woman when games like Resident Evil 5 originally pop-up instead of needing to scour pages of forum discussion to hear such a perspective, shifting through pages of how people are saying racist or borderline racist remarks exalting exactly why such perspectives need to be more up front. Or when stuff like Anita Sarkeesian's Kickstarter campaign gets loads of hate, having to decide whether it's worth it to try and dig through the forums for those other women like myself and sympathizing men or just lay low for the next week or so in order to avoid getting angry reading how ridiculously naive, vindictive, or plain stupid a good portion of the outspoken are?

So again, I'm certain the two new hires are able to communicate well, able to write, able to do their jobs well. But are they able to cull a community's thoughts and help give this community, the gaming community, something it really deserves?

The staff can't deny, with the amount of people reacting on Twitter, that it isn't just one or two idiots talking out of their ass. It's a decent portion. Guys, it's okay to react, but be human about it.

Knowing how everything works though, this is probably a waste to type up. Doesn't matter how long I've been a follower of this site, it never does as based upon my identify, my thoughts are brushed into a minority pan. Doesn't matter how much I care to see things improve alongside many of this community and staff. This is almost always a forums only topic, and despite how important an issue staff and community is, there's little to no official talk from the staff. Yes, publicly telling people who are being straight out hateful that they don't represent the site is a statement, but what about the reason for the hate coming out in the first place? The whole "Giantbomb is just a bunch of white guys" thing. Let's talk about that, please! You've got to be joking yourselves if you think this statement or changing moderator policies is going to be the end of this kind of behavior.

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This feels more like a toy than a game. I just can't imagine going out of my way to get it for myself or anyone else that I know. Seems like something to throw on just for a one time party thing.