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That was an error. Thanks for spotting it. I've fixed it now.

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I forgot to vote... Doh!

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@devitiffany said:

I didn't know that's how you pronounce AJ Gale's name.

His name is Ajay Ghale (that's the correct pronunciation in the video). "AJ Gale" is just a nick-name.

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@zombiepie said:

What is your metric for this list?

Generally speaking, whichever system seems to have the most power, in terms of specs, performance, graphical capabilities, etc. I'm open to alternative suggestions though, just in case there's something I've overlooked.

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@fisk0 said:

Kinda surprising that the Black Ops games seem to have outsold the Modern Warfare ones, I did prefer Black Ops II over just about every other COD game I've ever tried, but the general consensus, at least the loud people on message boards, seemed to be that the MW games were more popular.

Good point. I know Black Ops is the best-selling game in the franchise, but it's unlikely Black Ops II outsold Modern Warfare 2. I couldn't find any sources directly from Activision to confirm its sales, for now, so I've removed it to make room for Modern Warfare 2's officially confirmed sales figure.

UPDATE (30 March 2014)

While I was unable to directly trace back the figures to Activision, I've decided to go with the IGN figures for both Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops II.

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Puzzles & Dragons, man. That one game basically makes the entire budget of a game by Grasshopper, who is also owned by GungHo, back in a manner of days. It's insane.

Can't really say there were many surprises, except for the games I've never heard of (Clash of Clans, Lineage, Counter-Strike Online, Crossfire).

Of the games I DID know, the only big surprise to me was Star Wars: The Old Republic. I guess the switch to Free-To-Play is working out for them, considering they're only $70 million behind World of Warcraft.

Anyway, great list! Very interesting to see!

Interesting. I didn't realize Grasshopper is now owned by GungHo. Hopefully all that money they made from Puzzle & Dragons and Clash of Clans (now that GungHo also own Supercell) should help fund Grasshopper's projects.

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I wouldn't call it "exploitation", but more like giving attractive women an unfair advantage over not-so-attractive women, as in judging them for their looks rather than their credentials for the job. But this kind of attitude is widespread across society, and the gaming media is no exception.

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