So I finally beat Dark Souls...

Back in April, Demon's Souls was made available for Playstation Plus owners. I had heard how hard the game was over the years and decided to give it a try. To make a long story short, I beat the first real boss and quickly became frustrated with the game due to the amount of times I was dying.

Fast forward to October. By this time, I've been watching Load Our Last Souls and once again have gotten interested in the Souls Series. I kept telling myself that I didn't like Demon's Souls so this wouldn't change at all but one night I decided to buy Dark Souls from the Xbox Marketplace.Once again, I beat the first real boss and quit, vowing to never play these games again.

Fast forward again to mid December. Having finished my finals and I started planning out what I wanted to do for Winter Break. With almost no games to play for my PS4 at the moment, I decided to give Dark Souls one more try but this time I took a different approach. I decided that I'd give myself a couple tries of an area and if I couldn't figure out what to do, I'd read/watch a guide.

I did this for the first few areas of the game and once I felt comfortable with the game I went on my own. (I think this was around Sen's Fortress) Around this time the game started to really click with me. I get what everybody likes about this game and soon I found myself really looking forward to playing the game at night. And then a few days ago, I did it. I beat Lord Gywn and accidentally got the Dark Lord ending by stepping outside.

Reflecting back at it, Dark Souls isn't really a "hard" game. It's no walk in the park but the real hard part of the game is trying to figure out what's going on. What's kindling? What's the difference between human and hollow forms? How do I use magic? I think if the game would explain its gameplay systems more, more people may get into the game. But that could also be part of why the game works

So at the moment, I'm replaying the game as a Sorcerer and absorbing myself in the lore. (This game actually has a really amazing story and world for those who don't know) I'm really looking forward to Dark Souls 2 and the new challenges ahead.