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Rise above humanity.. Rise above the oni.. Become the onimusha.. 0

Onimusha is one of those really enjoyable games that's now been left behind and seems content to be stuck in a rut. In isolation - and compared to the other games in the series - it's a game you can get really engrossed with, but also one you can get quite tired of. The combat's fluid, relatively deep and involving once it gets going, but it's also a wholly repetitive game that's been surpassed in so many meaningful ways that you can't simply be content with 'more of the same' anymore. By all me...

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Persona 3 is the craziest JRPG game! 0

In Persona 3, you play as main character Minato Arisato – as his name is revealed in the Japanese manga series – though you are free to name him as you wish. Minato is starting at the upscale Gekkoukan High School, and things immediately take a strange turn. Upon arriving at the school, he experiences a wide range of bizarre experiences – signing a contract presented to him by a child (believing it to have something to do with his registration), arriving in the Velvet Room where he meets the eni...

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