My Top 10 Ps1 RPGs

These are my top 10 ps1 RPGs i have played! Feel free to comment and discuss. What are your favorites?

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Posted by Nyghtlei17

T_T you haven't played Threads of Fate?!

Posted by Abelard

for me :

10. Jade Cocoon

------pro : Collecting Minnions

------cons : Lack of Storylines, Short Time Gameplay

9. Digimon World 3 (PAL)

------pro : try evolved many digimons, card game, fishing, kicking trees

------cons : The Battle just annoying, Too Slow and crap

8. FF Origins

------Pro : in FF I you can explore a classic RPG , in FF II you char stat is depending how much hit, magic they take or the blow

------Cons : Shitty Graphic

7. Breath of Fire IV

------Pro : Evolution Dragon, Combo Skill, Better Storyline

------Cons : come on, i wanna more after the last battle

6. Final Fantasy Tactics

------Pro : Many Job Classes

------Cons : World Map Ecounter

5. Valkyrie Profile

------Pro : Cool Gameplay, Voice Clip, Storyline

------Cons : Why just why lezard isn't avaible from the begining of the game

4. Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross (try to play CC first and then CT if you want some Story with Better Graphic)

-----Pro : CT is the Game Prequel where you control Crono, Boy who travelling time to save the world from Lavos with some paradox effect. in CC you paly as Serge, boy who travelled to another dimension where in this world he is dead

----Cons : CT maybe lack of graphic, and CC is when you have to decide between Gleen and fairy(i forget her name)

3. Brigangine : Grand Edition

----Pro : Much Classes, and monster, quest

----Cons : When you want to recruit the Shadow (shiraha and Kazan) and you didn't get it..just try to reset enter the battle map and try another move

2. Suikoden I & II

---Pros : S I is

1. Final Fantasy VIII

Posted by Mento

For me, it's probably:

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics
  2. Suikoden 2
  3. Tales of Destiny
  4. Grandia
  5. Vagrant Story
  6. Final Fantasy IX
  7. Suikoden
  8. Vandal Hearts 2
  9. Mega Man Legends
  10. Wild ARMs

Man, lot more contenders than I remembered though.

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The over world map screen from Chrono Cross is the best RPG on the PS1.

In all seriousness though, damn that system had it's share of excellent RPGs. I wish there was a decent way to replay those games now with some of the jaggies cleaned up a bit and the load times decreased. I haven't tried my hand at PSX emulation in quite some time.