Should I?

Yes I'm one of those guys who is constantly on forums or asking friends or listening to podcasts trying to determine if the next big game or even some old game is the game for me, I still don't have Diablo 3 cause i can't determine if my internet issues are enough to keep from playing a game I am certain I will love. I watched the day one and the day one plus video and part of thursday throwdown but as i that guy. that indecisive guy who wants to play a game but is not sure if he should. I just finished Mass Effect 3 and Starcraft 2 and just want something to well use up my time. I am looking for a job but everyone who is or has been unemployed knows if u put all of ur time into looking for a job and cancel ur social life, gaming and otherwise u will go crazy. That and Torchlight and Skyrim are upsetting me right now. I can't get to where i need to be and its right there.......i know it is. ok....well this is my first and who knows if it will be my last blog post but i am glad i got that off my chest