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Now You're Thinking With Portals... 0

2007 was arguably one of the best years in game release history. That year, a dozen or more AAA titles released, hitting the pockets and calendars of gamers everywhere. The Orange Box is one example, and packaged in as part of a five game deal was Portal. Portal was a puzzle platformer the likes of which had never been seen. The popularity of the Half-Life franchise combined with the deal of 5 games for the price of one drew gamers to The Orange Box and Portal became an overnight hit while ...

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My Homefront Review 0

Seeing as this is my first (hopefully, of many) review, I'll explain a little bit of how I intend to approach the games and how I'll score them out. My plan is to break down each game in to categories, giving each category a score which factors into a final score. T he categories I would like to cover in my reivews are visuals, sound, design, and game play. (AWK) This may change later on if I stick with this sort of thing. Scoring will be done on a 10 point scale, with 10 being the highest pos...

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