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It's always strange to me when people argue that a game can be worse for having additional, but less than exceptional, modes. How many stars should Dead Space 2 be knocked down for having mediocre multiplayer? Should the exclusion of a multiplayer mode have hurt Dead Space 1's score? Should Left 4 Dead have had points deducted because its singleplayer is just multiplayer with bots?

What I care about is how much fun a game is and how highly the experience is recommended. Not the whole package, not every mode averaged together, but whether or not it's worth picking up. If someone visiting the site can't be bothered to read a review and note why a game is getting the score it is, then the fault is theirs if they think they should buy Singularity for its multiplayer component.

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But now how I can rage about how awfully unfair it is that FemShep is blonde? What of the body images of every young girl out there!

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Excited to see the map evolve. Thumbs up, sir.

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So when they say the last two successive releases failed to reach beyond a niche, are they talking about the shitty downloadable game? RFG sold over a million units in its first two months, surely that has to be more than niche...

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@Zerodash said:

Why would anyone want to give money to this snake-oil salesman?

This is up there with the Blackwater Kinect game as far as scummy cashgrabs.

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It's Justice Breyer, by the way, not Bryer. I didn't check all the comments so I don't know if that was already pointed out.

Really disappointed that he was a dissenting voice with Thomas, whose view was entirely expected.

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This can go right next to the Blackwater game as really slimy choices by publishers this year.

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@TheLocustHorde said:
The need to fix the second Deathspank.  There are a bunch of glitches at the end of it and i can't finish it.  Would rather the second work so i could play through the game that i already purchased.
The game clearly isn't going to be fixed. =\
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A sequel to Prey shouldn't sound so damn promising--and yet it does. I'm on board.