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Damn it I'll need to get beer for this occasion

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Oh I should probably get Yakuza 4 since I want to play that before 5 comes out here.

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I'll only approve if it results in more time for Jeff to instruct the crew about how Rappin' Ron & Ant Diddley Dog's Bad-N-Fluenz is the greatest album ever to come out of the Bay Area.

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As someone who had never played a Resident Evil game before 4 I was extremely intrigued when I heard about this updated release and after completing this game I must say....holy shit this was god damn incredible. The atmosphere was flawless and I was legitimately freaked out on several instances and it never felt cheap. Even with the updated controls there was a great amount of tension for me due to the tight corridors and camera angles (I gave out the biggest fuck you when I glanced over in a mirror and saw a zombie hanging in the corner lol). It was also cool how they used such a small setting and made it so memorable memorizing great paths to get to and from storage rooms. I played as Jill because I heard about the larger inventory lol but it's cool how they give you the option (also Barry is fucking awesome). I will probably play as Chris at some point when I want to replay the game (maybe in October). I was pretty good about not using shotgun/magnum ammo unless necessary. Also, fuck the spiders! I nearly had a panic attack the first time I saw one of those :/.

I do understand your point about 4 even though that game will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my absolute favorites. I really liked The Evil WIthin and thought it was a step in the right direction for this kind of game, but it definitely had some pacing issues that killed some of the tension.

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So I finally started up planetes from where I left off (episode 10). Solid show and about time I finished it.

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@feathered: By kill it of course you mean getting killed by it for hours and hours :p

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I've got the windwaker bundle. I would say that or 3D world would be the best to get. And I'd recommend getting both games either way along with Mario Kart 8.

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I just got a ballin ass mario themed 3ds xl during black friday so not planning on it. The only exclusive for it is the xenoblade game right? Never played one so that's not a biggie.

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Oh man hell yeah I've been wanting to play the trilogy & SMG2 so badly but havent gotten to them just yet.

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11.8 million