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@akyho: I finished it for a few reasons. I'm sorta OCD about finishing animes/shows (just like I've been about organizing my itunes properly with all producers (and in rap music this is a bitch), guest features, year, record label, and genre properly labeled).I like my MAL list to look all pristine :p (and also on the principle of seeing something through to the end). Speaking of MAL, it was so highly regarded that I sorta wanted to see what made people like it.I don't understand those people at all.

@hamst3r: just the first season. I may give season 2 a chance, but I'm not sure when I sorta found the first season to be an insulting experience.

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@humanity said:

Have souls fans already decreed the game "too easy" ?

*Looks at top comment*

"Easy mode. Instant health recovery items, Regain system gives you a veritable eternity to recover health after taking hits, mindless enemy AI which appears to be a downgrade even from Dark Souls II—better known as Diet Souls: Edition Casual"

Yup lol.

But holy hell the trailer was amazing. I need this game in my life.

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Holy hell god damn gankutsuou is a fucking gorgeous show.

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I finished When Cicadas Cry! God damn what a heap of garbage that shit was.

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Only 2 more episodes of When Cicadas cry left. Almost free from this hell.

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So I'm already a part of NA East but need to be approved again to have it set to the PS4 clan? Why bungie?

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Yep, i've broken the R2 trigger on a few controllers now. Its getting irritating replacing these things. I'm not slamming them dropping them or abusing them. Just normal play.

Well that's worrisome for when Bloodborne releases for me. I'll have to stock up :p.

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Requested to join the North American East Clan (don't know why it isn't called the Beast Clan though :p)

Whoops forgot to list my info

jiggajoefreezy is both my psn & bungie name. I'm on PS4.

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@babychoochoo: I'm despising it to the point of anger. I wish I wasn't a stickler for finishing what I start :/

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I'm watching When They Cry and wondering what I am supposed to like about this show....

I.......uhm......ugh...I just......*sigh* fuck this shit.