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Time for some PS4 summerjams.

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Not sure If I'll go back to the movie theatre to watch PPVs. It's not very fun going to a wrestling show by yourself and looking like a lunatic when you end up being the only person in a full theatre that cheers for Cesaro. I think I would need to surround myself with more aware fans to get some actual enjoyment out of it.

The triple threat was awesome, though. Rollins might be my favourite person on that roster right now.

I pretty much mirror everyone else's opinion on the rest of the show but my main issue was that there was no NXT rumble entrant this year.

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He was so goddamn irritating I turned off the radio completely whenever I entered a vehicle.

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I recently moved to an area where my internet connection can't stream reliably so my usual plan to watch a stream of PPV is out the window.

I can't switch to Rogers in my area in order to get it either so my only option left appeared to be buying the Royal Rumble on regular PPV.

But then noticed that one of the local movie theatres is showing the rumble live so I decided to buy a ticket to that as it'll be much cheaper.

Has anyone ever done this before? I have no idea what to expect. I wonder if people will be chanting in the theatre. Oh god.

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I've only got 300 coins and unless I'm looking at the selection wrong, there isn't anything I want to use them on.

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@skyrider: Cool! I didn't realize there was a training thing at that kind of scale right where I live. Maybe I'll try to make it down to one of those shows.

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Ghost in the Shell was the second anime I've seen. I saw it back in the fall and felt largely similar to how Drew said he felt about the end of MGS2. Honestly not sure if I liked it.

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I'd suggest anything from the Random PC Game series of videos but specifically the Blade Runner two-parter is my favourite.

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I went to PAX East in 2014 mainly to meet the Giant Bomb crew and happened to run into Drew on the showfloor while looking at some indie games.

I expressed my love for the site and everything he does for it and talked a bit about what he's got to see at the show so far until seemingly out of nowhere Alex and Patrick show up, to which I talk to all three and thank them for their work.

However, later that day while wandering the showfloor again I see Drew again coming down the hallway my direction.

Knowing that he must be busy I wasn't going to stop him again but to my surprise he actually recognizes me and he smiles and waves.

I do the same as we pass each other in the crowded Boston convention centre.

I'm there thinking about how many people must come up to him during those shows and talk to him and how cool it was that he actually remembered me.

The next day I quickly ask him for a picture after the Giant Bomb panel and even though I probably shouldn't have because he was packing up his video gear he still gives me the time for it.

Thanks, Drew.

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The beta wasn't horrible and I wasn't effected very much on a technical level with Battlefield 4 so it definitely should come out.

I liked the gamemode and map progression they had going but everything around it was a little too similar to BF4 multiplayer-wise.

I probably wouldn't pick it up unless the singleplayer story actually ends up being good (even then I kind of doubt I'd get it).