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The most recent one for me was Watch Dogs.

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These are really cool, good job!

I've thought about trying to customize Nerf guns before but It seems super tough.

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I'll get one at some point when a game comes around that pushes me over the edge it might be the Halo collection or Sunset Overdrive but the recent announcements haven't changed my mind.

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The MGS series is fresh on my mind after starting the series for the first time at the beginning of the summer so I'd love to see Drew discover all the crazy shit that was blowing my mind while playing through it.

Just thinking about Drew witness the end of MGS2 makes me so excited.

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Dan's been great in my books since he started appearing on the power bombcast. It's incredibly infuriating how oblivious he seems to be about basic living but it actually manages to add to how entertaining he is rather than push me the other direction.

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Nope, I had to work.

At least it's just an emblem and nothing major.

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My PS3 super slim is the loudest console I own by far. It doesn't bug me but it's definitely noticeable especially since I rarely ever notice when my other consoles are making noise.

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If you went back to me during E3 2012 and told me that I would have liked the new Wolfenstein game more than Watch Dogs I would have called you crazy. That being said, I would definitely like to see a sequel.

This game went from not even on my radar to being one of my favourites of the year so far.

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But I'd be more willing to fund getting the Giant Bomb World Tour back from the dead.