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I was basically waiting to hear this news. Was going to happen sooner or later.

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Pretty strange considering how the price of the actual games has gone up significantly as of late.

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I feel like they've been sent enough food to the office that they could do this pretty easily right now.

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Well Tuesday was the Bloodborne live QL and Friday is UPF so the question is really about whatever is gonna happen today and tomorrow I suppose.

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Reading these makes me feel really lucky looking back at the numerous times I've wandered through Calgary's downtown alone and sometimes drunk.

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Yeah that happens to me but I usually just blame myself for trying to be quick and accidentally hitting a drop-down tab. It's not something that I'd need to see fixed or anything.

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This is a shitty trend but to be honest I think a lot of people that didn't own PS3's would be happy to see games they missed get re-released.

I was one of those people when the PS4 came out, I never owned the PS3 and was hoping there would be collections of the games I missed.

I ended up buying a PS3 for cheap later down the line but I'm not gonna get worked up over this.

It's cliche at this point but if you don't like it then don't buy it.

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You realize that quote is from a Giant Bomb PC community group right? Like, not written by anyone on the staff?

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Of course the thread about zombies is the one that gets necro'd.

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Damn I forgot to set an alarm and slept through it.