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What a sad end to the AcidBrandon18 saga. I hope you try again someday soon!

Oh, and I deal with rejection by cutting myself off from all of society. Hah! I can't be rejected if I reject everyone first!

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It kind of sucks for fans of the series, but I am glad CCP is focusing on EVE.

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That ending was amazing.

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The video is gone! How sad :(

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I hate to be that guy, but replying to spam is also against the rules guys!

"5. NO Spam: Includes but not limited to: promoting personal sites, making comments which have no discussion value such as "first" or "bump", quote pyramids or empty quoting, battle threads, YouTube spam, "chat" threads, and creating any threads with little to no text where off-site content is linked or embedded. This includes starting forum threads to promote your latest podcast or written review on another site. Additionally, replying to spam & advertising threads is prohibited. Repeatedly bumping and replying to spam will result in your ability to post being temporarily and then permanently revoked."

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This line has always stuck with me for some reason.

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I think it is a voice command.

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I have no clue, maybe it is one of the songs the backers will get? Well I guess everyone can listen to it or maybe it is just a random song I have no idea with these people.

But, I see they added a stretch goal in the last few days...

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I am in San Jose, did not notice anything. The big one is yet to come!

It makes me think about how crazy a bad earthquake could be though... Time to make a bug-out bag I guess.

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I am playing on PS3 and have not had any issues summoning or being summoned. Sometimes you get a lot of "summoning failed" messages, but I am assuming that is because someone else grabbed it before you did.

EDIT: Although, I have never been invaded, and my little brother said he tried and it did not work.