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@Bourbon_Warrior: 2:51 I believe

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@Mesoian said:

I don't even know if it's hit here yet, but it's not this guy. Do not go after this guy

Oh man, that is pretty fucking terrible. Gotta love the media jumping all over something without confirming it at all. They are still saying it was him.

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This is just sick. What the fuck is wrong with him. It is looking like he killed his dad then went to his moms school and opened fire in her KINDERGARTEN class, killed her too. I am usually all for reviewing mental health stuff, this person was obviously not right in the head, but this is to far. I don't care what mental problems you have, you know better than to shoot up an elementary school.

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@Ben_H: Confirming this. Could you possible get a screen shot a little higher with the Rapelay header for me? I would love you forever.

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The Oddcast =(

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I really hope this thread is not locked for youtube spam, I am actually interested in what comes out of it. So if any mods are reading this give this thread a break! Or I will copy paste it into the beta forums and circumvent you mofos.

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@Ben_H said:

Non-members, this is what you are missing out on from the beta site. Things are INSANE over there. Let's just say I managed to fit over 50 Quad City DJs mashups into one post. And caps lock is not just a norm, but an expectation for most, along with rampant GIFs.

Also gotta agree with this guy. The beta site forums are so god damn funny, one of the best giantbomb things of the year to be honest.

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@Trainer_Red: No problem, I had a little freak out when I saw that you owned it and said something about tossing it out. Could not live with myself if I let you do it without letting you know how rare it is nowadays.

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@bigsmoke77 said:

Great, now I really want a fucking fresh biscuit.

This. I really just want some biscuits and chicken right now.

Also that commercial is too awesome, even for non giantbomb duders. Why aren't commercials as great as they used to be?

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@Trainer_Red said:

A few weeks back I played LSD on my PS1 after my cousin gave me all his games. It was really bizarre and at one point I screamed like a girl. After realizing just how evil and fucked up it was I put it in it's casing and buried it in my closet/storage/game graveyard. I hope it never hurts anyone ever again.

Been trying not to reply much otherwise I would be here every other post, but could not stop myself here. Look, that game is weird and awesome, but also valuable. If you have it and don't like it, I would advise selling it. Check out the current ebay prices for it http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=LSD+dream+emulator&_sacat=0&_from=R40

Or uhhh if you are feeling generous send it to me! I promise I will love it and take care of it!