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Nope, there is nothing like that in this game.

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Sounds like you should start reading books. If you are looking for books more like JRPGs, you can try manga.

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I am posting in support of this game, it is super janky and very confusing but it is pretty awesome when you get the hang of it.

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That sounds fucking crazy, please upload a recording so we can hear what you are talking about.

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This is like the third topic you have posted about this kind of thing. Just go reread the old topic when you start freaking out again.

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I played for a few months when the game was pretty new, got bored fast. If I ever do decide to get back in a MMO it will be EVE Online.

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You need this mod for Skyrim. It fixes your dragons.

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Been playing this game for the past couple days, it is pretty great.

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Started playing about a week ago, used to play some League of Legends but this seems far more interesting. Looking for duders to play with, this solo queue crap sucks.

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I say it the right way. This "marry-o" shit is just wrong.