Mass Effect 2 Insanity Difficulty Almost Made Me...Well...Insane


Today, I mourn for two broken XBOX 360 controllers whose long, active lives came to an abrupt end, this past week. After getting my ass kicked by countless collectors, mercs and mechs, my anger went into overdrive, costing two innocent controllers their lives. I made sure it would be painless by taking out their battery packs before I ran them over with my truck. Poor, poor little things, may you both rest in peace.

Anyways, back to reality! Two days ago, I finally completed Mass Effect 2 (ME2) on Insanity and I'm extremely happy that I accomplished such a frustrating task. In a whole, the Insanity difficulty of ME2 is more like a two-part series. What I mean by that, is that the first part of the game, which is most of disc 1, is more of an uphill battle because of the lack of upgrades you have. The upgrades in the game were, obviously, the most essential mechanic you could have. They made my life so much easier in the long run, and they saved the lives of many controllers. Also, the use of Adrenaline Rush saved me countless times, and it became very handy during the battle on the Collector ship. By the way, the fight on the collector ship was, by far, the toughest battle on Insanity. If you think the battle on Horizon is hard, then you might want to stop playing because the Collector Ship mission will possibly have you running for your mommy.

 Yes, you are my bitch now.

All in all, now that the ME2 Insanity torment is over, I can finally start playing Final Fantasy XIII (FFXIII), for which I am very excited about doing. The Final Fantasy series always sparks my imagination and I like to consider all the Final Fantasy games as beautiful. Also, FFXIII will make time go by faster, as I can not wait for the ME2 DLC to be released. I forgot to mention that the Mass Effect series is one of my all time favorites in gaming. Well, I'm done here for now and will do another blog next weekend.

- John

Who the hell are you?!?!

For many of you that didn't know, this is "johnman05" from Gamespot. I haven't been active over there for about... let's just say, a long ass time. The past months that I've been on Gamespot have been, pretty much, a "viewing period", where I just logged on to the site and just read blogs, but I never commented. I don't know why, but I just got lazy of commenting and blogging, so I just read blogs on the site because there are a lot of interesting people on Gamespot, and I enjoy taking in many opinions people have on various gaming topics. 

Once I heard that Giant Bomb launched a few days ago, I, of course, came here and signed up. Since then, I've been really diggin' this site. There are few improvements that can made, but I'm still loving this site and I plan to remain active on here as much as possible. By that, I mean commenting, blogging, and, of course, wiki-submissions! So, there you have it. 

See you guys around!