On the apparent futility of Superman

I don't really see how a superhero with so many powerful abilities, notably near-invulnerability, can be interesting to write and/or read about. 
Now I've never been the biggest Superman fan. Not an avid reader, or watcher of representations in various media. Basically I just find it hard to get into the character. 
Lately I have made a start on the DC animated universe series, and it seems that it's almost more about collateral damage and preventing harm to others around him, than it is about any sort of character building. I mean, when you have this super-being at this level, it seems to me that the only way things can go is down.

I'd love to be proven wrong. :)


Not really

None of the iPhone games I have downloaded have been that great. Maybe I'm trying the wrong ones? Don't know. 
Sims 3 was very comprehensive and full-on, but also the most expensive thing by a factor of about 3 that I've spent my hard-earned on, for the platform.