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And twinkies. Twinkies will last forever.

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Listen, we should all be happy that everyone is okay... but still... there's like 4 hours left, so something might still happen between now and then. If not, then I can rejoice!

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Only a couple more hours left, zomg.

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Lies said:
"Josiah said:
"A week left, wow."
Giant Bumps FTW?"
Yeah. See, if I don't respond on September 16th, you will all know I am dead and can mourn me / forget me then. If I survive, then I can finally let this topic die. Well, the topic will die either way in a week.
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A week left, wow.

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I'm not dead yet. In fact, things are looking up for me. Maybe September 16th won't be bad after all.

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Vaxadrin said:
"Is knowing the scientific origins of the universe relevant to solving the social issues of today?"
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Cube said:
Sided with Jesse. LOL
Her attitude pisses me off to no end."
True. At least she doesn't lie like Libra.
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Cube said:
"Josiah said:
"Cube said:
"Josiah said:
"Cube said:
"Fuck I hate Michelle, get rid of that wench."
She is pretty annoying, but Libra and Keesha get on my nerves, too."
I'm so happy she got screwed out of the vacation."
It was pretty bitchy of Libra to take it, though. At least I don't have to see her fat black ass in a unitard, though :P"
Michelle is a total bitch.

Libra boned the total bitch. Minus her feud with Jerry, I don't care."
Wait, what did Michelle even do?
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Endogene said:
"i should try and watch this once could be good for a quick laugh, i suppose that all the participants are as fake as someone can be"
Nah, not all of them. Some of them have "fake" written all over their forehead, though.