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My name's Mike.

I've been playing video games avidly since I was coordinated enough to use a controller (back in the NES days). I have all of the current generation of consoles but I play mostly on the 360. I love any game that tells a good story or builds a world that I can get lost in. I'm also quite fond of third-person shooters and action games. Some of my favorite games of all time are JRPG's, however, recent releases have left something to be desired. I guess I'll never fit into that niche.

I'm also a huge music listener. I love extreme metal in most of it's incarnations (death, tech-death, melodic death, sludge, post-metal, stoner, thrash, prog and some black metal.) However, I do like a spattering of electronic, hip-hop and folk artists.

If you are into any of this feel free to follow me or just strike up a conversation.