Let's Play Death by Cube

The 4th of July is over and I have a burnt eyebrow, scar from burning ember forming on my left wrist, minor blood blister on right thumb, burnt shirt, and possibly more as a result of 'fun'.
So with the new system for games you can always play a trial of the game before you buy it. I bought Death by Cube. The name is right, the price right at 50% off, and the trial/tutorial had me liking it. I actually thought this would be a game I could let's play. So I took a break, got 7 on 7 for Halo 3, played some Megaman 10 (no I did not buy it on sale x() and than dove into the game. I started to record audio and play the game while recording it. I found two things.

  1. It's loud as all hell! (need to do -4 more decibels than red faction)
  2. It's frustrating to the point of losing it's fun value
This leads me to believe the game may not be let's play material. Than I just told myself every game is let's playable, it just may never be watched fully due to annoyance. It feels a bit like Rocket Riot, except that game was at least predictable and had a strong base to work on and stay consistent. While Death by Cube seems to be a robotron and tetris combination with gradius and rpg elements installed. Well maybe not rpg, maybe just gradius when it gives you a choice of different vehicles, except that in gradius the vehicles were usable and none of them were gimped unless you meet a specific situation.
This is becoming more a review of a game than a blog so I will cut to the chase. I am going to do the game, but it will be more or less to see someone complete the game. I am going to be skipping hard parts, and instead of trying to record my first win on it, I am going to just show what I did, if I do it again, cool, if not, tough. The levels require me to almost try every different robot body to figure out which ones can make it, and which ones are ideal, I don't think I can do a gold on each level and show it and be entertaining with all the failures. The first 8 episodes show this transition, and the second 8 will be full fledged like this where my score will jump up from going back and completing levels for points and lower from buying bodies.
I will give the game credit for making me want to play and figure it out, but when every level requires you die before you make it through because you have no idea which body your going to need because the enemies are usually new to you for every new stage, it's a little less fun. Especially to watch......Combine this with a poor tutorial system that does not really tell you how to play and yeah. The tutorial tells you what buttons do what and that's about it. Although it's probably because each robot has their dash and shield act different than all the other robots lol.
I am missing robotron, and that is why I bought this game, however all these different elements make it interesting, but I am still unsure if I classify it's interesting factor, near a fun factor. The trial play said nothing about bodies and that maybe about half the levels have a specific goal and are set in a way you must choose the right body. Without proper training on each of them your just guessing. Even megaman could at least see how the enemy used the weapon before he got it, and he even gets a quick animation of himself using it to know what it does! Not this game, no! I will give one example and end this blog.
Goal says "defend the base" I buy a guy called Base Master and his description reads "good at defending and attacking bases". He worked, but the homing missile robot was better anyway. And than you get to one where you need to attack a base and oh, that's when he deals more damage than the strongest bot in the game! But try using him to defend on a defense level and the enemies are impervious to bullets unless you dash them first, well too many enemies and bam, he loses every time. So now I have to buy a dash robot since they need to be dashed first and that works best on this level alone. I am not sure if I will ever use the dash or base robot again.... I take that back, I WILL use them again I just don't know if they will EVER be effective again until I watch myself get my ass handed to me.
Frustrating or fun? Don't play the trial game to tell, because it lies!
I should have just recorded more red faction instead.
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