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When I try to link my account, (non-premium) it says that it failed. Also, it doesn't display any videos at all.

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I like the idea of adding more gear to Mass Effect 2, but my biggest concern about these is if they carry over to Mass Effect 3. If ME2 is going to (hopefully) flow smoothly into ME3 through DLC, then there's no reason anything we get from DLC (party members, guns, gear) shouldn't follow with us. Maybe Kasumi and Zaheed go on to other things in ME3, but if I drop cash on some gun that I end up loving, I want to be able to use it for as long as I want in the new game.

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Sure because this is what the Wii needs. More mini game collections. God forbid they make an actual game on the thing.

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Yeah, it's lame that any sort of achievement system has things like that.  oh well, it got me looking at the forums.
So, crazy quest ideas. Mine: Watching all of the Persona 4 ER.

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heh. Yeah i guess. this is giving me flashbacks to the old 1up site, where you would get points for doing stuff. I remember when my type randomly changed one day. I had no idea what happened.

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I think the "quest" system would only work on certain types of sites. And as a site almost famous for it's obsession with numbers, it works great here. Can't wait to see where it goes.

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oh wow. didnt think this was going to happen. hello forums.

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Just doing this for the quest, though I may start blogging here, or at least pasting my blog posts here.

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I'm gonna have to clear out a whole corner of my room for this thing.