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This is unreal, I got through high school listening to Ryan and the rest of the crew. My condolences to everyone that knew him personally, I can't fathom what this is like for you guys.

Rest in peace.

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$800 will get you a PC that will blow the next generation of consoles out of the water, so I wouldn't worry about that. As far as releases go, you aren't going to be getting top-tier components with your budget so there isn't any reason to wait around for a 690 or anything like that.

@Management said:

This is the perfect time to build a gaming PC. Now that consoles are starting to fall behind you really get something from playing you games on a PC.

I built myself a nice PC last year and i expect it to last for quite some time.


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South Orange. Close enough?

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So I read this and find literally nothing wrong with the way Steam handled the situation. On your end however, there were quite a few issues...most notably: you're an ass.

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Depending on what you are upgrading, you should probably do a clean install anyway.

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Yeah I didn't really pay attention to any of the reviews and such before I purchased it, I wasn't even expecting to use it until all the remakes started coming out (which isn't even until like June now).  The 3D effect certainly isn't disappointing, it's just different than what I had been expecting from the ads. 
So I got one of the accessory pack things from Amazon at the same time I pre-ordered the 3DS.  It came with 2 sets of screen protectors.  I got one on the bottom screen without a problem but I ended up ruining both of the ones meant for the top screen.  There comes a point when they aren't even screen protectors anymore when they cover the entire top face with only holes for the speakers.  Not sure why that decision was made but it made the installation process a pain in the ass so I just gave up and settled for the protector just on the bottom screen after both of the top screen ones got covered in dust.

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So the 3DS is pretty cool.  It doesn't seem like the ground-breaking technological achievement that it has been portrayed as at times, but I can see how it could make for some pretty unique game mechanics.  The 3D doesn't really add that level of "pop" that I was anticipating, but it does give a much better sense of depth-of-field, especially given the smaller screen real estate of a portable system.  It certainly has a lot of promise as a platform, even if we cut the brand on the bottom out of the equation.  I'm pretty disappointed with the launch lineup, and equally disappointed that Nintendo felt that it was acceptable to use its position and past success as a means to clear out initial stock without any real software to back the platform.  The only thing I was really looking forward to with the 3DS was the opportunity to revisit some of the classics with A WHOLE NEW DIMENSION, but now that I have had the opportunity to experience the technology for a good amount of time, I'm pretty excited to see what new concepts people will be able to do with this platform. 
Currently I have SSF4 and Rayman, but I've only really been playing SF so far.  I might do an actual review of the 3DS or some games if I have some free time, but that probably won't happen.
Sidenote:  Screen protectors fucking BLOW

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Hasn't happened to me yet, but I haven't really been using the suspend feature that much.  Not like it's going to do any serious damage anyway.

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I'm lazy, so I usually end up starting here when I'm building someone a PC:   http://i1002.photobucket.com/albums/af150/The_FalconO6/CurrentLogicalPCBuyingGuide/Guide.png 
Pick the setup that makes sense for your budget and figure out what components you want to upgrade, most likely the GPU.  Crossfire and SLI are still a little bit too finicky for me, but you can certainly go that route if you want.  I would go with a 6970 with that budget but it's up to you, you'll get good performance from either brand if you're willing to throw down the cash.  Or you can toss half of your budget into this monster =P:   http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150529  
Remember that you can always overclock, even on a stock cooler.  There's no reason to go for the top of the line processor when you can spend about 30 seconds and bump a lower tier up to the same performance.

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There is no way you will need close to 16GB of RAM, put that money to use somewhere else.  Modular power supplies are cool, so is a faster drive for your OS and some games if you can find the money.

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