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Uncharted 2 hands down.

I can't remember the last time I have been so amazed by a game the entire time I was playing it.

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I'm looking for people to play Destiny with on Xbox One (especially in the UK/Europe timezone)

If you're interested add your Gamertag below and I'll add you in time for the release day.

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For some reason when I was 12 years old I thought this cover looked awesome. I picked it up and was surprised at how much I ended up loving this game and the sequels.

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I once purchased a game in the very early PS2 days and I can't remember the name. Everything I remember about the game can be summed up into 3 bullet points.

- It was a turn based JRPG with Mechs

- The battles took places on some type of grid in which you could move your mechs one square at time

- The cutscenes may have been anime style. I definitely remember anime cutscenes upfront before the start screen but there may have been more throughout the game

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I played Crazy Taxi once in an arcade. Then a few weeks later I bought it on the PS2 for £45. It was a fun game for the first hour but the novelty wore off very quickly.

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Dear God!

I bought the first Saints Row for £50 in Woolworths. Bad move.

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I know exactly what you mean about Nintendo, every Nintendo console I've bought so far I've played all the Mario/Zelda stuff an then never touched the console again. So I'm probably never going to buy another Nintendo console.

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@stryker1121: making co op an option is a great addition to most game. Some of my best gaming experiences have come from co op. I just don't want every game to turn into Left 4 Dead or Army of Two.

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@professoress: I'm not complaining. I really like the idea of more co-op but I also know that I rarely have a chance to play co-op as my free time and my friends free time is limited.