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The entertainment industry is largely filled with remakes today.

After seeing all of the back to the future stuff on IGN yesterday, I started thinking about the franchise and how I'm not the biggest fan but I'm surprised nobody has remade that movie (instead this time they go back to the 80s/90s)

So what game, movie or TV show are you surprised hasn't been remade?

My personal list is as follows:

- Back to the Future

- Red Dwarf

- Top Gun

- Scarface

- Rocky

- MGS1 (again)

- and of course Final Fantasy 7

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Looking to build up my friends list on both consoles preferably with Duders from the UK for timezone reasons, but anyone is welcome.

My tags are below, feel free to add me and add yours and I'll create/update a table.

XB1 - Super Saiyan 18

PS4 - Goku-24UK

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I'm really feeling the loss of the middle tier, those games that aren't quite AAA releases but also are not 2D indie titles.

Don't get me I'm a still a big fan of the Uncharted's the Far Cry's and I love the FTL's and Hotline Miami's of the gaming world. However being predominantly a console gamer and with my laptop not being powerful enough for some titles, I tend to miss a lot of indie stuff.

When I think back to the first two years of the 360 and some of the games I playerd that weren't AAA such as Condemned, Prey, Lost Planet, Dead Rising and Saints Row etc.

Now, all of these games aren't exactly of the greatest quality, but they were still fun to play, had some novel ideas and some them even turned into AAA franchises.

For this generation, in the first year and half I feel like the only middle tier games I've played have been Shadow of Mordor and Wolfenstien, almost as if I may as well just pack all my stuff away until October-December.

I know the industry has changed quite alot in the last decade, but does anyone else feel like the industry is less interesting without these sort of titles?

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Is there some embargo for the review of this game, I've seen plenty of reviews but none from the major sites.

DBXV isn't released until tomorrow in the UK and I'm dying to play it.

I've not played any DB games for a few years but I'm hoping this will be as fun as it looks.

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There's a lot of games I can finish in less than 10 hours so picking my favourite would be near impossible.

I really don't mind short games at all to be honest.

In fact, I'm more likely to hold on to a game that is 6-10 hours then a game in the 20+ range.

For games like The Order I know (providing it turns out to be a decent game) that I'll play through once on normal, then once on the hardest difficulty and then play though again now and then in the future.

For a game like Far Cry (even though I love the franchise) I know for a fact that I will 100% it the first time and then I'll never play it again. A lot of the longer games nowadays are just short games with side content to pad it out and a lot of the time that side content is fairly "meh".

I kind of wish all of the longer games would introduce a new game plus, removing the need to level up through side content but allowing you to experience the story again.

Sorry to go off on such a tangent but I was literally having this conversation 15 minutes ago.

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So I'm currently playing through Far Cry 4 and collecting most of the items and completing all side missions.

However after playing through Watch Dogs, Destiny, Shadow of Mordor and Sunset Overdrive I feel like I'm not really enjoying an experience I would normally love.

I love side missions, collectibles and exploring and I know it may seem a little whiney to complain about games having lots of content, but I'm starting to feel burnt out on open worlds.

To be honest, even though I knew exactly what to expect from the MC collection and COD:AW I was so relieved to play a game this year that didn't make me climb towers or offer me so much to collect.

Now I'm looking towards next years games like Batman and Metal Gear (two of my all time favourite franchises) along with Dead Island, The Witcher and I feel like I'm less hyped going into these games because of what I've been playing over the last 6 months.

And I know what's you're thinking "You don't have to do the side missions and 100% the game" but unfortunately I'm one of "those" gamers.

Anyone else feel similar about all this?

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I know it's only the 3rd but I've been checking PS Plus a few times a day since we hit December and it still has last months game available.

Anyone know the reason for the delay?

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I'm just happy to be alive when all this is happening.

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@freakin9: I'm not saying they've hit some secret goldmine, or that they've done it perfectly. But as you said, avengers is the only example of it. This is the first time something like this has happened in entertainment history, wether you consider it quality or not is a different question. But Avengers is the 3rd highest grossing film of all time, and ironman 3 is the 6th. So I wouldn't say "the biggest thing in entertainment right now" is a stretch at all. I'm just saying it's an interesting direction for entertainment and I was simply asking if people thought it work for video games.