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A game of interesting choices 1

First I'll get the bad out of the way: I had to restart a mission once due to a broke in-mission checkpoint. Sometimes the conversation options are deceptive. The bosses are very frustrating and violate the importance of choice. The game has about 3 too many characters and primary conspiracy is both bland and confusing. The visual character customization options consist of hat and/or beard. Okay, those are the things that are wrong.  But, Alpha Protocol is a game that does one thing extremely ri...

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Brawler with an interesting structure 0

I remember picking up The Peace Keepers used for $5 back in the 90's, and I ended up playing it for a good 10 hours or so. It's mostly a standard console brawler, but it has a few key things going for it:  Character variety is good, as there are 6 unique characters with different moves and attributes. This makes each playthrough pretty different, and 2 player is a fair bit of fun. On top of that the structure of the game consists of a very large number of branching paths. The order of events can...

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