Uno is good times for some RnR

i just got this game last night it's a lot of fun to just sit back and relax and listen 2 music or play with friends...the game music isnt bad either :) i cant believe it was 400 Points....what's the difference between this one and uno rush?? and if any of you guys wanna play send me a friend request GT: Kal El Agent47


Modern Warfare 2=MOST addicting Shooter ever!

I know  i will probably get heat for this from anyone who reads it because i know for some reason mw2 has this rep, I'm not sure why. I say it's the most addicting because this game even though it is flawed and "broken" as a lot of people would call it, still has an awesome formula. It's a fast paced game that rewards you for being good. I hate this game sometimes because it encourages a lot of "noob" tactics. These things are the reason a lot of people don't play the game anymore, they annoy and frustrate everyone to the point where they cant even stand it, imagine a "Two Piece" in gears x50! That's what being killed by random crap over and over feels like but it doesn't change the fact that the game has a lot of depth and replay value. There aren't a lot of games out there really worth the full price of admission but this game can really keep you hooked! i am still playing it and it is July. Mw2 has a great variety of weapons,unlocks and prestige mode to keep you going. Anyone who maybe didn't give it a shot or stopped playing should really consider jumping back on. If you do send me a message i will play with you, playing this game alone can be really tough and usually turns people off right away. My Gamertag is Kal El Agent47


Dragon Age Origins=WOW on consoles LOL!

So i popped dragon age origins in a while back and i spent so much time playing it, the character customization is unbelievable and all the party members you can recruit the dlc, the items the world, it's truly amazing. I definitely recommend this game to any rpg ran. The one downside is that the game looks really bad on consoles so i guess if you have a great pc you should get it there unless u love achievements. The game will run you easily over 40hours. Getting to level 25(30 if you have dragon age origins:awakening) will take you a really long time. The unique part of the game is that you dont do a lot of the quests because you wanna level to 25, you do them because you actually care about the characters and what can happen. It's an empowering feeling. There are great characters,great story voice work, it's such a great game. You also feel really involved with your character and the quest because it seems like your end game goal is so far away and you have to be ready to take on what lies ahead! it's definitely a game any rpg fan should play, but more so if you love fantasy and deep character customization. I give the game 9.6/10