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    Can I vote no Auto-Ducking? It drives me crazy...always. edit: A touch screen laptop might be pretty rad for that interface.

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    Bob wake up, ya dingus!

    LINK TO VIDEO REVIEWBack to Bed is a surrealistic puzzle game that was already given several honors before it even began it's kickstarter.Developed by a group of students from the Danish National Aca...

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    Valiant Hearts: The Great War REVIEW

    Link to Video ReviewWorld War 1 was probably one of the least glamorous conflicts in European history.Men fought and died crawling in muddy entrenchments, thousands of soldiers were thrown into machin...

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    "I went to Japan, and beat someone in Street Fighter." - Jeff Giant Bombcast 10-7-2008

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    Can I use a Rockband microphone instead? SOMEONE CALL DRAKE