Guitar Hero knows Rock Anthems, not National Anthems

Couldn't help but bring this up. In Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, when it comes time for your band to play in London, you see lights coming on at "Ye Olde Royal Odeon" and a band member throwing up a rock hand to the camera, while a pompous, majestic anthem plays in the background, first traditionally, then in guitar power chords.

Only... the song is "La Marseillaise", the national anthem of France, not the United Kingdom.

Guess GH3 expects its players to not be particularly well versed in THAT particular genre of music. Although I'm pretty sure English and French players noticed.


Red Alert 3 Viral Videos

Why am I the only one that seems to like, nay, LOVE these videos?

I think the Bombcast guys are completely off on the subject of their humor. I love it when humor is self-aware and fourth-wall-breaking. I think it says a lot about the Red Alert series that EA is confident enough to make fun of their own series this way, in much the same way Blizzard was with their William Shatner/Mr. T/Verne Troyer WoW commercials. In fact, if William Shatner, Mr. T, or Verne Troyer were featured in RA3 (tastefully, of course), I would be even more on board.

I suppose this sort of thing is exactly what I've come to expect from Tim Curry anyway, so this was no surprise to me. And I should add that, like most RTS games, I've never played any of the Command & Conquer series except the first one, and that only long enough for me to determine that it was too old for me to enjoy it (I can only enjoy old games in certain genres, and RTS isn't one of them).

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Sam & Max (in reverse order)

Since Max is pretty much the only videogame character with actual executive experience, he's really the only rational pick. Or, at least, as close to rational as Max could ever get. Since the Vice Presidential candidate's job on the campaign trail is typically that of "attack dog", Sam is a natural fit there, as well.

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