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You wrote this entire story about how the ending of Watch Dogs doesn't really gel with the rest of the game; a sentiment that could be summarized in one tweet? They basically tried to pull a GTA 4 ending and failed just as badly as Rockstar did. Game developers need to realize the cognitive dissonance in having characters kill thousands of henchmen during gameplay, then suddenly grow a conscious over the final bad guy(s) of the story. This has been an issue for a while now, Patrick.

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Being fired by Gamespot and being picked back up are separated by years. Since then a lot has happened, such as the people who fired Jeff themselves being fired from Gamespot for, if I remember correctly, basically incompetence. There's a video up on Gamespot with Jeff, where he explains the situation more thoroughly.

VVV That one exactly.

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He said he'll share!

I can't wait for the disappointment at what the secret actually is.

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it really depends on what youre used to using in fighting games. from what i saw in the quicklook, it seems to be a four button game, so a controller should be completely adequate.

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Haha! Fuck you Phil Fish! Guess your vision of a 'console game for consoles' didn't stand up to the allure of Steam cash.

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My God, that Gameological article was the most cynical, anit-Sony-Establishment article I've ever read. Halfway through, just the tone the guy had in criticizing every developer (Except Jonathon Blow. Blow is always correct in everything cause he's the indie underdog) for every comment they made about how the PS4 is offering new opportunities really tempted me to stop reading. I mean, there's pointing out the flaws of Sony and the PS4 presentation, and then there's just using Sony as some idol of everything you perceive to be wrong with video game development.

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It's definitely unethical, but I don't think there's a stipulation on Kickstarter that demands every dollar over the initial demand be put toward making the product better. I mean, technically they don't even "have" to deliver on the product itself due to Kickstarter's stance on the money being a donation, not a purchase.

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A good PC port from the start. Playing it now is fine, but the initial reaction to it was disheartening, to say the least. Honestly, all they need is more Dark souls, with a better netcode, and I'm golden. Especially if they can continue the trend of fantastic characters. Siegfried's daughter, maybe an older Solaire, etc. Or perhaps, Solaire should just be a legend, and the sun covenant has statues dedicated to his glorious image.

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For the past couple of days, occasionally when trying to access Giantbomb, I'd encounter a weird error: The page wouldn't load, and I'd get an error message saying "the server didn't send any data." I haven't received this error when visiting any other websites, only Giantbomb. And if I refreshed once or twice, everything would be fine for a while; until eventually, hours or even a day later, it'll happen again. I'm not sure if this is an issue on your end or my end, or if this is even the right place to ask for assistance, but I just figured if this is impacting your site, you might want to know.