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I thought the robot rewiring puzzle was kinda fun until I got to the last puzzle. At that point, even with taking screenshots of the correct wires, it was tedious. If they let you label the pegs, or added a list of correct layouts once you found them, I think that would've turned out a lot better. It was like that in Monkey Island 4; once you figured the right combination of sounds to change stances in Monkey Kombat, they filled out a diagram for you, and you could just pick which stance to change to.

I think the issue of omnipresent information, that some puzzles are only solvable because the player learned the answer from the other character, could've been solved if they jokingly addressed it somehow in game. Just poke at the fourth wall a little bit: When Vella knows Shay's toy's name, have her joke about what a lucky guess it was and how that's a stupid name. Or when you fail at charging the robot, have Shay say he should've paid attention when his father tried to teach him the correct wiring combination when he was a kid. Or have a short cutscene play out where it's implied that he spent hours manually trying every possible combination when you solve the puzzle. As it is in game, these characters don't even comment on the fact that they somehow know these things, and I think that's the most jarring way to handle it.

And the ending was just disappointing. We barely get to see anything about Loruna, even during the credits epilogue, when that seemed like a great place to have a final showdown (I guess DF didn't want to build any new environments). Instead, we get a standstill between the two Mog ships, where Vella decides to blow them up for some reason, and Shay is forced to unknowingly go along with it? At first, I didn't even know that was the goal until I found that Shay can make his ship grab Alex's. I was just thinking "Why? Why do these two characters want to destroy the ships they're currently in?" All the dialogue points that you should look for a way around the other ship, or to stop the Loruna people from attacking you. You're given no reason to destroy these ships, aside from the fact that it's the only action you're capable of doing. And we're supposed to believe that a highly insular society will open the wall they've built to keep "the foreign plague" out and accept outside visitors, just because there's a bridge? A bridge made out of their last gene-pool saving ships after one of the visitors had just blown up their production factory? And everyone lives happily ever after. At least they didn't have Shay and Vella instantly fall in love.

And why was the grandma evil? How did she get from Sugar Bunting to Loruna before any of the other characters?

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I think the removal of Kojima's name was all just a knee-jerk reaction by some higher-up management folk over Kojima leaving, and when they saw the backlash they reversed it. Or the marketing people threw a shit-fest at the reaction and convinced the right people to change it.

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@theklonere: Vader was in WCW. I can't say how big he was, but I think that's where his reputation started.

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I wonder if Dan will point out the continuity easter eggs in MGS 3 when they show up. Like Snake naming the Hind, or The End's parrot being the grandfather of Emma's parrot.

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You wrote this entire story about how the ending of Watch Dogs doesn't really gel with the rest of the game; a sentiment that could be summarized in one tweet? They basically tried to pull a GTA 4 ending and failed just as badly as Rockstar did. Game developers need to realize the cognitive dissonance in having characters kill thousands of henchmen during gameplay, then suddenly grow a conscious over the final bad guy(s) of the story. This has been an issue for a while now, Patrick.

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Being fired by Gamespot and being picked back up are separated by years. Since then a lot has happened, such as the people who fired Jeff themselves being fired from Gamespot for, if I remember correctly, basically incompetence. There's a video up on Gamespot with Jeff, where he explains the situation more thoroughly.

VVV That one exactly.

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He said he'll share!

I can't wait for the disappointment at what the secret actually is.

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it really depends on what youre used to using in fighting games. from what i saw in the quicklook, it seems to be a four button game, so a controller should be completely adequate.

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Haha! Fuck you Phil Fish! Guess your vision of a 'console game for consoles' didn't stand up to the allure of Steam cash.