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This Game was Developed by Nazis... 0

Snagging Hellboy on the PSP wasn’t something I did because I wanted it on the PSP, but it was an excuse to get a new game for the system I just procured. After finishing the game while slurping down Kahlúa Mudslides, I wonder if I would have bothered to beat it sober. As a long time admirer of comics, Hellboy, Hellboy comics, and weird occult shit, I thought the game would be a worthwhile endeavor.     Let me start with saying that the PSP version of the game promised a lot of things, and didn’t...

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Dying is Easy. 0

Kids these days don’t know what a hard video game is. That’s a pure, unchallenged fact. When the Game Genie came out, the challenge in video games went into a downward spiral that it never recovered from. People say Zelda: Twilight Princess is hard. People say GTA4 is hard, and people say a slew of other games are “hard.” These people have never played a real game. They have no inkling of how unrelentingly evil video games were, games like Megaman. Kids these days don’t know what a hard vid...

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I wish I was Playing Ultimate Spider-Man 0

That’s not to say that Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a terrible game; hell it’s not even a bad game. It’s just a mixed bag of weird shit. The game tried something that I haven’t ever seen a video game do before: It laid out all the shitty stuff up front, and then slowly gave you the good parts later on. Sure, I’ve seen shitty, piss-poor games. I’ve seen games that started good, gave hints of the tides turning, and then completely raped my dog (figuratively speaking). Spider-Man: WoS isn’t one o...

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Waiting for Dead SPace 2: Dead Spacer 0

While waiting for this game to come out, I intended to amp up my excitement by playing Silent Hill: Homecoming. So, I went to my local Gamestop and bought a copy of Silent Hill: Homecoming. After trudging halfway through the game, I realized that this wasn’t amping up anything but unadulterated disgust for the game. With that being said, I bought my copy of Dead Space after selling Silent Hill to some unsuspecting kid on my college campus…It sounds terrible, I know, but I needed to get that ...

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I Enjoy Gore, and Mutant Abilities 0

Not only does this game have one of the longest titles I’ve seen in a licensed game, but I’ll go on record now and say that it’s one of the best licensed games ever made. I’m a fucking nerd, through and through, and this game has given me everything I could have ever hoped for in a Wolverine game. I say that not only as a comic book nerd, but also a videogame nerd. This might be a deterrent for you. I can understand that.From this point forward I’ll be referring to this game as “Wolverine,” beca...

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Halo War-ing 0

I’ve never been one to hunker down and play a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game. Mostly because I enjoy actually playing video games and I’m also not allergic to natural sunlight. But I’m a huge tool who enjoys the Halo series, and I may or may not become giddy when I see Spartans on the cover of a game. Those fuckers piqued my interest, hooked me and opened my goddamned wallet. I’m such a loser.I am a very stupid individual. This comes from years of playing videogames, I imagine. This is one of the...

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