North Koreaaaa

Man, I thought "Drew Returns from North Korea" was a joke title. Haha, that was dumb of me.

Watching it conjured up intense feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, etc. There still families divided by the DMZ, and they're not getting younger. In fact, I'll be surprised if there's anyone alive by the time the two Koreas coordinate another meeting for them. Whenever I talk to my folks about this and ask them whether they think the North and South will reunite before they or I die, they laugh and laugh. LOL, when pigs fly maybe!


playing catch-up

Back to Mass Effect 2. I think Thane was in the middle of hitting on me before I quit the game in a panic. What does "siha" mean? He doesn't need to tell me. It means, "Hey, baby!" as far as I'm concerned, so screw that. I'm saving myself for Garrus.

I can't believe it took me this long to play this game!

I feel like I'm in a harem anime...