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An awesome beat 'em up game. 0

Bayonetta is a beat 'em up game that was just released this January. You primarily play as a witch named Bayonetta, who actually doesn't look like or act like a stereotypical witch. You can also use her rival, Jeanne, after doing certain requirements in the game.Bayonetta has a lot of stylish moves to offer. You can also even buy new moves from the halos you collect. The ranges from punch attack, kick attacks, sword attacks and whip attacks. You can switch between attack types through the pause ...

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Quite a fun game. 0

The Grand Theft Auto series has been through a lot over the last 10+ years. The series made it's debut with Grand Theft Auto for PC, which was a top-down view game. Then Grand Theft Auto III came out, which was the first one to be in 3D. Now here's Grand Theft Auto IV, which tweaks things from the Grand Theft Auto III era. The game takes place in Liberty City once again, but it's been revamped. You play as Niko Bellic.Some tweaks made in this game includes the new cop system, which you must get ...

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It's about time we get a Sonic the Hedgehog 4. 0

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was a game that Sonic fans waited a long time for and being a Sonic fan myself, I was pretty excited for this game. Sonic 4 is the first game in the original series since 1994's Sonic & Knuckles. People have thought Sonic & Knuckles was Sonic 4, but it was more like Sonic 3.5, since that and Sonic 3 were originally supposed to be one game. Sonic 4 is doing the same kind of thing, which is why "Episode 1" is in the subtitle.You play as Sonic, who is the only playable ...

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A great addition to the Tekken series. 0

Tekken 6 was a game that some fans waited years to finally play. Tekken 6 was originally released in Arcades. Nearly 2 years later, it was finally released on consoles, which were PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360. Many Tekken fans, including myself, starting becoming impatient, because it's release on consoles kept getting delayed. The game disappointed some fans, while others loved it, kind of like how Tekken 4 did, in a way.Tekken 6 gives you new characters, including Alisa, La...

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