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Eh. I am not seeing chat. What gives?

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Eh. Did the live stream already happen?

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The frustration of playing Dark Souls will be ripe for comedy. Really, I think I should drop Demon Souls and play it.

Edit: Yeah. From what I see, Dark Souls is the superior game. I'll switch to it.

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I have the original cart. Hardcore.

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Oh Carmack, you rascal.

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@jazgalaxy said:

@jdmmuscle said:

Did they even ship their last KickStarter? I realize they have multiple teams at Double Fine but this still rubs me, a little bit, the wrong way.

Unless it also rubs you the wrong way for Gamestop to have you pre-order, like, Halo 5 and Fortza 5 at the same time... then I think you should probably just ignore it.

Yeah, but a pre-order is not a donation. You don't lose money if the game doesn't happen. Here, you can lose at least $20. Of course, most will not pick that one because you don't get some cool stuff. When they keep asking for money, it makes people start to lose faith in them. They start to seem weak.

They need to publish Broken Age before doing one more Kickstarter.

Edit: Actually, most people are doing $20 this time. It is probably an indicator that they are pushing their luck a little bit.

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I guess they ran into copyright problems with Brazen.

It was too awesome to exist.

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<Takes deep breath. Releases deep breath.> It is time to stand on you own two feet, Double Fine. Do not Kickstart when you have not finished your other Kickstart.

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Ah. It will actually be patched with ease now. Valve is starting to eat Microsoft's lunch.

It like it when games go PC. It preserves them in a way.

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The cave was a game that was ripe for randomization. I don't get why they had to have the areas of all of the characters in there. They should have made the cave reconfigure depending on who you picked. Also, the endings felt flimsy. They needed to be animated.

Also, multiple saves and an autosave just before the end would have been nice.

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