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I haven't been really faithful to blogging on here like I said I would.  I have been caught up writing about the NHL on my for reals blog.  From here on out I'm gonna try to write about all the dumb stuff in my life that you don't care about.  I mean, who really cares about what I've been reading, watching, and playing.  This one is just to let you know what's up and for points. 


Making the Best, Out of a Bad Situation.

I'm sad to announce I have to sell my PS3, and everything (except the blurays) today.  I have some financial trouble and my only way out of it is to sell my beloved system.  I will miss all the wonderful times I have had with my PS3 for the two and a half years of it being with me.  So many long gaming nights, and plenty of people coming over to play Rock Band (The White Stripes style because I never bought a USB splitter).  Now no matter how sad I am to get rid of it after a job comes, and I have some money, a new one will take it's place full of more wonderful gaming memories to be made.  Now untill that time comes it isn't like I can just stop playing game all together.  I will now have to go to my good ol' PS2.  While I'm at this stage, I might as well embrace it and catch up on some PS2 titles.
I'm gonna start off by finally playing ALL the way through GTA: SA, the only GTA game I never beat.  The only reason I never beat San Andreas is I got my PS3 the week after I bought it and it just got left behind.  After I play through it I will give my opinion on it, spoiler it's fucking great.  
Saying good bye is never easy, hopefully I can replace the emptiness with a replacement soon!