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The only thing microsoft could do to make this clearer would be:

Buying The IP from Square Enix

Buying the developer

buying both.


Actually clarify that this is a timed exclusive something that is not in their interest to do.

it's news even if it doesn't change much. more so than porn star / gamergate / ddos atack thing.

it's a slow news week

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We are so used to watching streams now that we may not have considered what a livestream is... legally.

A live stream is a performance of a video game streamed live on the internet for everyone to see.

Copyrighted games that large corporations sell to end users for as much as 60 buck a pop ( or nothing depending on the game )

Can we be surprised that audio is being muted when twitch as a site is one huge copyright lawsuit waiting to happen.

Everything ever streamed on twitch other than by the developer or publisher of the game is a copyright infringement.

The only Legal hope that any streaming had of not being potentially sued was not being big enough for the holders to care.

Fair use doesn't make any exceptions for talking over or "playing" content.

Twitch was technically illegal from day one.

If they didn't intend to make a legal fight over "transformative works" (eg adding something to the content by talking over it or playing it) then why did they start the company in the first place!

We can run but we can't hide...

Until a legal battle over Fair Use is fought and won in the courts streaming has no legal standing.

To the law you're just violating copyright whenever you stream a game.

If hitbox or ustream gets big enough it will happen there too.

We need a large tech company with money ( Google would have made sense if they had not caved to holders already ) to fund a legal battle to redefine what fair use means in the world today.

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@decibel: Sorry I didn't see this thread before now. I'm sending you a friend request right now and I can walk you through solar progression if you would like.

Psn Name: Dynarri

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Imagine a world where steel battalion had worked as advertised. Everything they were having it do the kinect should have been able to handle and it used the controller to for the mech controls that kinect could not handle. I wish I knew the full story on how they allowed that game to ship that broken. Even as a gimmick kinect plus controller had potential. No one ever tried it again.

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Is there enough interest in starting a seprate Giant Bomb clan just for the PS4 version of Warframe? It can take quite a few hours of grinding to get a feel for the progression of that game. The PC guys have been helpful in figuring the game out but most of them play only the PC version. I have had a hard time finding a lot of people to play with on the ps4 and a GB Clan might help

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PSN ID: Dynarri

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Dreamcast comparison seems to make sense to me.

  • New hardware,
  • Slight upgrade from current consoles,
  • Tepid 3rd party support,
  • Disk format that is variation on industry standard,
  • Likelihood of getting trampled by new more powerful consoles in a years time.

It X factor this time is also Online.

The scrubbed down internet community on the WII U, based on what I have seen so far, could be the killer app gaming has needed. Who else is tired of xbox live's constant abuse?

That could be what gets it into peoples homes like wii sports did for the wii.

Wii U's are sold out completely across southern New Hampshire. This Is more than likely because of New Hampshire lack of Sales Tax. go to Massachusetts or Connecticut and you could probably still find one.

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if no network or pack in $99 is insane.

broken wii replacement for the small subset of users that were not using it as netflix box

I don't see a sd slot either so hacking options are going to be slim

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It would seem legit but without a pack in game the system is less of a value than black new super mario wii bundle. "the Broken Wii Replacement SKU" ?

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