Twitch was only worth a billion dollars if they left the service alone

Yes they needed funding to scale properly. and yes they needed some way to slim down the amounts of video they had to archive. But by adding content id to the service without warning or asking the community for input first twitch has effectively destroyed the goodwill it had with gamers. Instead of leading the fight of fair use it has caved to old media copyright holders that don't understand when sharing is in there own best interest. If music can't be shared with voice over why can games.. why can any video.. if you were not going to fight for fair use why bother creating the streaming service in the first place.. This change affects every streamer great and small in some cases it will be as easy as not playing spotify in the backround of there streams but the majority of the user base is going to have to leave and find somewhere else to be. Game music is all copyrighted. Game Video without voiceover is all copyrighted the Sharing economy with stop or become illegal to participate in unless the Fair Use question is brought back to the supreme court and transformative content is recognised as fair use.. All streaming services are threatened ... All games have copyrighted music in them.. All game videos will have to be muted... Even if the copyright holder doesn't want or in fact desperately want his content shared... he could as for it taken down some day and thats what a system like this tries to avoid. my hopes and prayers go out to the streamers who were counting on twitch as a service for their income and that they get back on there feet somewhere else.. But how long before Ustream implements a similar system and kills it self too. youtube is now cat videos and corporate sponsored original programing with the threat of a takedown notice or monetisation being taken away at all times. The entire concept of livestreaming is threatened by twitch content ID change. And for me and perhaps milions of others, Twitch is now dead


Vectrex Quick Look

Hey Everybody!  Thanks to Drew for editing down my 7 min Quick Look into a QOTW length.   A few persons thought the Mine Storm ship looked like a penis, thats interesting.  I believe a combo of motion blur and low rez video is to blame but it is shaped vaguely like that.  if the mines are then STD's that takes the game's narrative to a new dark place.  Thanks for the comments! 
krelmoon not Krazsor 

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Walmart and Street Dates

I went by Walmart today to see what was up with the Super Street Fighter 4 thing.   I talked to the guy that normally checks out my games.  He candidly told me that they do have the game, locked up in the game cage in the back, but there is no way they could sell it to me.  He was putting movies away and had a box of DVD's marked for the 27th on the counter.  He pulled a random movie out of the box and ran it up at the register as if he was going to sell it.  The register beeped three times and displayed "SALE NOT ALLOWED" on the screen that normally shows the price.  So to get someone at a Walmart to sell you something early they would have to put it in the system manually as some other not restricted bar code.  Which would eventually show up on that stores inventory as theft.  So I don't see how they under the current system would be able to sell one early without getting in trouble with the company.  He did say that whoever flags street dated games or movies as "SALE NOT ALLOWED" sometimes forgets and or misses a game.  The example he gave was that all their copies of Mass Effect 2 were not sellable until it's release date but the Collector's Edition copies were a separate bar code and could go through.   


Walmart breaking Super Street Fighter 4 street date?

A guy yesterday was trying to hustle a early copy of Super Street Fighter 4.  He had a black and white picture of a Xbox 360 Super Street Fighter 4 and a Walmart receipt sitting next to it.   "My buddy got one early you got to give me one too."  Don't know if he managed to snag a copy or not.  So are they on sale now some places or was this guy full of bovine feces? 


Started Wiki Updates

Last night i started updating giant bomb wiki entries.  i am going to work on a long series of entries for fairly obscure games. I'll start by working on what i know best..  Atari 2600, C64, and PS1.  Commadore games are particularly full of multiple entries for the same games.  Going to have fun.