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    And this is why you don't pre-order games nowadays. Even the guys with hundreds of millions of dollars release games that are basically broken.

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    Anyone else find it ironic that when they just started to supervise copyright infringements more closely, they link in their own rules to copyrighted material on a Youtube-channel that probably has no...

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    Anyone know if they fixed some of the core problems of the series?1. Enemies not scaling if you do side missions. If you do the side missions, you level up but the enemies or the missions don't. Many ...

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    So, bunch of stuff that never was a problem.How about those boring run back-and-forward-the-same-areas-again-and-again missions? Or unskippable dialogue that ground the whole game to a halt with your...

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    Good that they delay instead of releasing broken game, but this much? I don't think it's just finishing touch they are doing. Hopefully the game will be awesome.

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    Might have had this, we'll see when the account is actually charged. Also missing the $15 store credit (which probably is supposed to come to email but has not, not even in spam) and still have ads on...

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    I was sort of on the fence with Ether Oner. Missed it at least once on gog.com summer sale but after this video I really hope it turns up again.

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    Ehm, selling the games twice on PC? What I read from Polygon about this, probably not worth the money second time. If missed the first time around, the redux version of 2033 is supposed to perform be...