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@cabbagesensei said:

One of my fears is if Giant Bomb decides to publicly talk about the applicants' demographics, and it's revealed that little to no minorities or women applied, some people will say "See! We were right." They will casually ignore that the tone and atmosphere created by some (vocal) people in this community might keep minorities and women from applying in the first place.

I'm a minortiy, 100 percent hispanic first generation American (just to give an example my father was born in the Dominican Republic). I applied to work at Giant Bomb as a producer and I must say I was incredibly qualified as I've worked in television as a producer on things WAY bigger than Giant Bomb for a few years now. While Drew and Vinny were going to E3 I was producing content at the GRAMMYs (not diminishing their work of course!). Only reason I applied to GB is because I love the guys there even though it may be a "step down" from big time television. All that said, and despite my really good resume/reel I knew I had no shot...I KNEW someone from the inner circle of game journos would get the job. Why did I apply then? Because for a second I thought Jeff really wanted FRESH BLOOD, I really thought he meant it. Kind of like when they make a new Superman movie and they ask people what do they want an established star or a fresh face...lots of times people ask for a fresh face which is why Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill got those roles. Sometimes you just want someone new and I thought maybe that's what Giant Bomb was looking for. I have no ill will towards the new hires, I actually quite like Dan Ryckert...but I still find Giant Bomb comes off badly making this hire out to be more than it was every going to be. They should've just hired Dan and Jason and never made their hiring practices public on the forums....I doubt this would be happening if they just did this like when they hired Patrick (even though he got his fair share of hate, it wasn't for this reason).

@millionthlayla said:

After this incident, I really don't feel welcome here. I used to want to be active on the forums, but that enthusiasm has dwindled with every discussion about sexism. Every rationalization for why things are OK the way they are. I have nothing against the GB staff, including the new hires, and I wish them well. The conversation should be all about how exciting it is to have new hires, and I really wish it could be. But the pot is boiling over on a serious issue, and people refuse to just stay quiet about it. That's good, because it's the only way anything changes.

But...the reactionary backlash here over legitimate issues is frustrating. It's invalidating. It's not even just this particular incident. It's every conversation about discrimination. Every. Single. One. Even the ones I haven't read, the times when I just don't have it in me to read them, because I know exactly how it's going to go. I shouldn't feel drained and sad trying to be part of a community, but that's how it is. I dunno that anyone's gonna care, since I've mostly just been a lurker. But...I've been here, reading. Trying to find a way to speak up multiple times, succeeding only a few. It's been fun. No, wait, it's been the exact opposite of that

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From: Giant Bomb hires Dan Ryckert and Jason Oestreicher



@metal_mills said:

I feel really bad for Dan and Jason. They're two talent dudes and end up getting shit for their gender. That's some straight up hate bullshit.


@hustlerlt said:

Like why do people want to have somebody that is worse at his job but isn't a white male?


@somejerk said:

Yet this happens. Dan and Jason have been insulted hard now for being males born and raised as males, I wish that was a joke. GB and those involved in their hirings have been insulted even harder and called enough things that no doubt mailboxes of rights organizations have been filled and asked to take action against GB and its staffers.


@hmoney001 said:

Pretty much how I feel about this situation. GB hires 2 awesome duders and the internet derails it.

Lets just get back to being awesome cause "Everything will be OK."


@onekillwonder_ said:

Congrats and welcome to the both of them! Very exciting times for GB, indeed. Though I can't believe that this, of all things, somehow caused a "controversy". Oh, wait. Yes I can, because on the Internet, most people can't go one fucking day without finding something to bitch about. Just be happy for these fellas, because they are clearly qualified and will undoubtedly fit right in with the GB family. I'm very optimistic for the future of this site.


@sarkahn said:

Anyone who thinks that people posting that shit aren't actually a part of this community has not spent a lot of time in chat. But just because they're a part of the community doesn't mean they represent it. I feel like the staff is pretty good about telling people to not be assholes. Some people don't listen.

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@thehumandove said:

Why are MRA's terrible people? Because they want more fair proceedings in court for both child custody and finances? People seem to attach so much hate and disgust on the label of MRAs, when really they're just trying to fix a broken system that completely ruins men. I'm not an active participant or dwell much on it, but I can never understand the unjustified hatred towards people that want to make things more equal. Anyways, I'm not satisfied I'll change your mind on anything I brought up before, and I disagree with your points so I'll just leave it as it is.

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@thehumandove said:

Mens rights are a thing, and banning anyone who believes in equality is a terrible way to 'handle' anything. I don't think you actually looked at the 400 posts to see the reasoning behind some of the bullet points, because a lot of it is very thought out and actually reasonable, if you ignore your own bias for a moment. You're taking a vocal minority on a chat log as the face of this community, which is complete bullshit. Vocal minorities on both sides have been downright terrible, but in general Giantbomb has been great. I myself wouldn't oppose a gay hire, or a different race, or anything like that, but if these people were hired they were hired for a reason. And I highly doubt it gets more deep than that. To even suggest they were hired because they were white males is fucking insulting and just an asshole assumption from knee jerkers.

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