The Backlog

This is a list of games that I own that have not been completed. Some of them I have never played, while others I didn't get into or enjoy when I did play them. Those I didn't enjoy the first time around may never get another chance if I keep buying new games, but I'm ok with that.

Recent Activity: Front Mission 3 (PSN), Final Fantasy Record Keeper (iOS), Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light (DS), Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (WiiU).

Front Mission 3 is something I'm slowly plugging away at. It's fun, but like many games of its genre, it doesn't exactly move at a brisk pace.

FFRK still does enough to keep me entertained when I need a portable title, though that's mainly because I am not enjoying FF:4H.

I did play a tiny bit more of FF4H, but it seems intent on being unlikeable. Trying to figure out where you're going next when you haven't played it for a few weeks is a real headache, and the danger of random battles is ever-present.

The missus picked up Captain Toad and the Toad amiibo, and I've started playing it, too. It's fun so far, with a relaxed pace. I do wonder if the slow walk-speed of Toad will start to become irritating with time, however.

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