The Backlog

This is a list of games that I own that have not been completed. Some of them I have never played, while others I didn't get into or enjoy when I did play them. Those I didn't enjoy the first time around may never get another chance if I keep buying new games, but I'm ok with that.

It's also a running log of what I'm playing at the moment. I've added an estimated completion length to each game, which for RPGs is the "normal" playthrough. You can normally double that amount if you want to 100% it.

Recent Activity: Bravely Default (3DS), Bravely Default Demo (3DS).

The game isn't letting go. I wanted to check out the demo as I heard it was not just a section of the normal game. Ended up playing it to completion over a few days.

Then I started a NG+. Only 15-20 minutes in so far, naturally with all the stuff carried over it's not exactly difficult.

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