The Backlog

This is a list of games that I own that have not been completed. Some of them I have never played, while others I didn't get into or enjoy when I did play them. Those I didn't enjoy the first time around may never get another chance if I keep buying new games, but I'm ok with that.

It's also a running log of what I'm playing at the moment. I've added an estimated completion length to most of the games, which for RPGs is the "normal" playthrough. You can normally double that amount if you want to 100% it.

Recent Activity: Red Faction: Guerilla (PC), NFS:MW 2012 (PS3), Picross 3D (DS).

Moving house at the moment, so I'm playing it safe, with games I've played before. There's no point playing something new - either it won't get the time it deserves due to house-moving, or it will and I won't move house in time.

I started Red Faction Guerilla on PC (previously played the 360 version) - have completed the first region (Parker)and I'm now in the second area (Dust). Hammer > all.

Played some more NFSMW 2012, slowly chipping away at completing all missions/upgrades with all cars. It seems that I've not fully "pro" upgraded as many cars as I'd previously thought, and I have about 40 cars that I've effectively not used at all. That's without even thinking about the online component of the game... However, as I'm moving house, it's better to slowly plug away at this game in a half-arsed fashion than to start something new and get too engrossed.

Picross 3D is done, which leaves just 2 handheld games left. I will try out FF: 4 Heroes of Light first, with the unfortunate expectation that it won't be much fun based on what I remember of it the first time I tried to play it.

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