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I don't get the hate on time-saving microtransactions. They're brilliant, because they give you options. You can use them and save time otherwise spent on boring sections of a game. You can not use them, and save money, because you haven't bought them. Or you can recognise that any game full of microtransactions is basically admitting that it has a lot of boring sections, and you can save time and money by not buying the game. You can then use that saved money to buy a different game, and that saved time can be spent enjoying the game that isn't full of boring bits.

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I can't speak for others, but the furry vibe I got from it mainly stemmed from the fan-art feel that the cutscenes and dialogue sequences gave off. Don't ask me to put my finger on the exact problem, because I can't. But there was just always something that felt a bit off about the artwork. I never got that feeling when looking at the characters in general gameplay - maybe it was only noticeable to my eye when in those full-screen, zoomed in moments...

Loved the gameplay to bits, though I didn't like the anti min-maxing restriction in the levelup system. It just made half your levelups feel pointless. I'm no game designer, but I think the best way to prevent min-maxing is to balance the game's stats such that they all feel like worthy candidates for your skill points, rather than just not letting you have x amount more of one stat than another.

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Quick update: DLC is up. As expected, Bundle 3 contains the last 4 characters @ $2.49. There's also a "all characters" bundle with all 12 @ $6.99.

Three new costumes as well - a Mawashi (Sumo belt etc) for Tosas only, a Famitsu Swag (body), and an Ape Escape flashing light helmet (chimps only).

That brings us up to date and in line with the JP release, so that's probably all there is to see for this game.

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Spoiler-free version:

Sony Blogcast announced "even more Tokyo Jungle characters", which means that the Sabre-tooth tiger and the three "?" DLC icons in the character select list will be/are most likely going to be available. I'd be predicting a bundle for ~$2.50 much like the first two bundles.



Be aware, the announcement is spoiler-ific. Skip to 20:06 to hear it, but there are DLC and general game spoilers.

Spoilered version:

The Salary Man is the one specific character mentioned in the Blogcast. Given that the Salary Man was the final DLC character released in Japan, it's a safe bet that we will receive the final 4 DLC animals today. For reference, the Salary Man was released in Japan 19/07/2012, Peking Man (Homo-Erectus) the previous week (12/07/12), ERC-X the week before that (05/07/2012), and Sabre-Tooth Tiger was... you guessed it... 28/06/2012.
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Jasonefmonk is correct. 7 new items on the PSN store.

There's 4 new animals (~$1 each, or $2.50 for the fourin a bundle) up on the marketplace. Crocodile, Giraffe, Panda Bear, Kangaroo.

Kangaroo is a grazer, has good movement speed, decent hunger, and surprisingly strong. His attacks are quick and powerful. He can also unlock the Boxing Gloves gear (haven't got them yet, not sure if they're any good).

Giraffe is a grazer, also quite quick, and can unlock the Hibiscus. This neckwear is expensive at 86k SP and only has 5 durability, but it doubles the rate at which plants appear when worn. Very good item.

Panda Bear is the third grazer. Plays like the normal bear with two exceptions - the obvious being that it eats grass, the less obvious being that it's a little smaller, so it can use sewers. Still good power (though his attack is slow to use), plenty of health and defense. There's the whole Schoolgirl outfit set to unlock with Panda, but they can be picked up in random drops anyway.

Crocodile rounds out the set, and is the only Predator of the lot. It's as you'd expect. Big, powerful, slow. It's so big (how big?) that if you kill prey too close to a wall, you won't be able to eat it because you can't get to it. No items to unlock for this guy. It looks hilarious when he jumps, too.

Personally, I think it's worth buying the set. Giraffe is worth it for the Hibiscus alone. Kangaroo is great to play as, very powerful and fast. Crocodile is a behemoth and a change of pace. Panda is probably the weakest of the set, but he's free effectively, seeing as the bundle is basically Four for the Price of Two and a Half.

There are also 3 new body costumes (all free) on the marketplace. They all have 0 (aka infinite) durability. There's a Patapon thing, an Echochrome thing, and a "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" thing. I think the Patapon is the best of them, as it adds 10 to your hunger gauge.

I'd love to add the info to the DLC tab of the wiki, but apparently you need 1000 or 5000 giantbomb points to add new DLC info.

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142 years as Panther. I'm thinking Panther/Cheetah are top tier animals for long lasting survival runs. They have very high movement speed (important because you can't breed it higher as challenges don't give speed), they're big enough to clean kill the dinosaurs, but they're small enough to be able to use the sewers and Yoyogi park Under. Their hunger is a little low, but they're able to wear the Patapon plush which is unbrekable and adds 10 hunger. And of course, over time they'll increase their non-speed stats through challenge completion and breeding.

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Acheivement stopped updating about two weeks ago.
Delinked and resynched my XB360 Gamertag a few days ago (after sdornan said that unlinking and relinking couldn't hurt), and a few hours later everything was there, including the achievements that hadn't
been tracked in the interim.
However, updating still doesn't happen, so all I have now is an account that's accurate as of 3 days ago, instead of as of 2 weeks ago.
It also has brought up something else - My total achievement record on my username is 1090 ach/21812 points, but my subtotal just for XBL says 1094/21972.
http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/least100seraphs/games/ is the link for those interested.

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I've moved over a handful - starters from RBY/DPPt. Next will be the RSE/HGSS starters, then probably some of the old gen legendaries to fill up the dex.
The RBY/GSC/RSE legendaries will go via Emerald for cloney goodness.

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So I just finished off Red Faction: Guerilla and I need to pick the next game to play (see my list called 'The Backlog').


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My Red cart is at 255 hours (the timer capped at 255 in RB, possibly Y too). All 151 pokemon, in order, in boxes 1-8, with event stuff in some of the other boxes (and Stadium prize pokemon like Amnesia Psyduck, etc)
My Blue got started again about a year or two ago when I heard about the Mew glitch (for those that don't know, someone eventually figured out a way to catch Mew in RB(perhaps Y, too) without cheating devices or save file corruption).
My Yellow is at about 50 hours, at the E4.
Lost my Silver cart when I moved late last year, dunno where it is :/ and it was my most played 'mon game at 650 hours, 251 dex, etc.
Gold cart didn't save anymore, so I got a friend to replace the battery for me.
Crystal cart is 110 hours or so, pretty much everything done.

My Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen carts are all pretty much empty as I moved their contents onto Pokemon Box.
My DPPt/HGSS stuff is all over the place.

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