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If GTA 5 will be out for this platform, maybe I will buy it in the end of the year!

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But I am the Leviathan, ohhh I am soo confused right now!!

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@removesstains: Totally agree, but here we are and talking on a form about it, the irony, ahhh...

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Sorry, but isn't this all about jealousy. Those female game devs are not that pretty, so they are jealous. ppfff, uhhmm, and men with no backbone, lash on these kinds of subjects. This is real female empowerment, made possible by guys on a gaming website, wow this is a lot to digest.

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pffff, uhmmm, sorry Pat, but that talk 'bout a girlfriend, that's you right!

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SORRY FOR SAYING THIS: I really liked the end of ME3. It was heroic, it was final, and it was satisfying. I killed the Reapers, something I was set out to do in during ME1. I saved the galaxy from the Reapers terror, and annihilated any chance of their return. Of course with every victory comes a sacrifice, but that is what you sign up to do as a soldier. The artificial Mass Relays are destroyed, and organic civilization gets one more chance to get it right.

SORRY but what more can you ask for. This is a very mature of end of the franchise.

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I loved that Soundtrack, I loved the game. I was heartbroken when Appeal was bankrupt and no sequel. 
I even played the disk on my cd player, and listen over an over:)