Spore (5/5) GAME.

I played Spore last night, at a friend's house and I really did enjoy it. I was there with 2 friends, one who lived there and another. I got so addicted to it they had to pry me off the game, so I went home and ordered it right away. It was an awesome game and it reminded me of black and white in a way, you can either befriend others, or destroy them.I went cannibal, and killed everyone of course. I really like the feature that other's creations can be uploaded into your world. I got up to the creature stage and I beat it, but I was too caught up with trying to kill the epics for the acheivment. I ordered the game (Spore) and I ordered the creature creator. I will have to get the parts pack(s) at a different time. But yes, I very much recommend this game, especially those who love strategy. I had to befriend some of the species though, they were too cool looking or cute to kill. Spore is a pretty good price for a n ew game and the creature creator is only 10$ seperate. System requirements aren't TOO bad for this day and age, pretty toony but tons of fun. so yeah, got spare 50 dollars hanging around, go and pick up spore and the creature creator. Link to the spore website: http://www.spore.com/ftl

Littledude, signing out.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed moves down to 3/5 bcause of ending

I loved the game, the storyline and all the insane features (Especially how it made my gscore go up. ^_^) But I hated the ending. It's sooo stupid and you just feel like "GAHHH, DAMN YOU LUCAS ARTS!" I like the customization features you are allowed of your costume and lightsaber, along with your ability to upgrade your force powers and unlock attack combos. Over all, if the game had a better ending it would still be a 4.5/5 for me, but because of the ending, it looses 1.5 stars. GG lucas arts. T_T Q-Q

littledude, signing out.

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