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Yuck, Feel bad for the mass effect series then because halo 4 storyline was horrible

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If Giantbomb becomes increasingly more like Kotaku/Polygon/tumblr blogs, I'm out. I come to Giantbomb because they celebrate the FUN in games, instead of trying to force their own social and political agendas down my throat and slander game devs with ridiculous outright, or implied, accusations of misogyny/sexism/racism. It's gotta be a really shitty time to be a game dev when you can't make a fun game without someone ridiculously accusing you of wronging some group, being a misogynist or telling you you how you should design your characters to match their personal social views or ideas of what a female character or whatever else "should be". That's the problem with those reviews, they aren't just expressing personal beliefs in a way that completely gets away from the question of "is this game fun or not?", they are also slandering good people (devs) in a really horrible way.

I never got on the Patrick hate train when he joined Giantbomb, I like his stuff when it's fun and about video games, very much enjoy the horror game coverage etc, but it seems more and more lately he's doing his damndest to turn this website into his soapbox to push his social/political agendas, and it's really starting to make me upset. His reporting on stuff lately has been completely one sided and bias towards the people he supports, not showing that both sides of this ridiculous drama are harassing/doxxing the other (ignores guys like Boogie, TotalBiscuit etc getting harassed and doxed for expressing views somewhat sympathetic to gamersgate and instead only reports on feminists being harassed/doxxed like they're the only victims). I don't take sides in this pointless twitter drama because it is pointless and never ending, it's not helping anyone. I wish Giantbomb would just avoid this endless drama, avoid pushing their social/political views and continue focusing on positivity and fun, because that's why I play games and come to games coverage websites for fun escapism, not to get my jollies off over getting my personal social/political views validated by some games journalists who certainly don't have degrees in social/political sciences, I'd go to an appropriate social/political website/forum and the relevant experts for that.

I'm already at that point. I unfollowed Brad on twitter because its becoming a vortex of "this side is winning and the other is losing" mentality. Gaming sites are becoming tabloids now by reporting everything about anything and getting hundreds/thousands of comments on it.

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The more attention Anita and everyone else give to these people, the more death threats you’re going to get. Block them, ignore them and just do your fucking thing otherwise you’ll just be playing right into their hands. The media shouldn’t cover this crap either and continue to do their thing and support the feminist cause, whatever. Don’t just keep showing this every 2 days and expecting something to change because it fucking won’t.

I’m pretty sure people back in the day campaigning for whatever rights didn’t mention one particular guy’s comments in the newspaper or when they are campaigning somewhere. Just do your fucking thing.

It's escalating more and more. Each death threats get hundreds of comments on every gaming site that reports it. Its sad but stop giving the trolls attention. report the death threats to police or something. Im at a point of just avoiding giantbomb news site and simply subscribe to their rss video feed. too much drama for me to handle with reading this crazy news article every week.

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I know how you're feeling OP. It's good to see people are being open about this in this thread and hope everyone feels better soon.

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i never seen any agenda with the hiring. been following giant bomb since it was a blog and i know they just want to put out a cool product. i hope this doesnt cause giant bomb to collapse with the drama :(

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It's so amazing how Ultima Online was an influenced in many japanese designers and how game changing it was back then. Yoshida(director for FF14:Realm Reborn) was an avid UO player too http://kotaku.com/final-fantasy-xiv-directors-tale-of-mmo-woe-has-a-beaut-1564158880

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ouch...now I'm on the fence of getting this

edit: source is from 12-20-11 bombcast