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I personally don't buy into the whole BF3 boycott, but I would only buy that game on PC, and if it's not on Steam, I may need to skip it.

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I, as an attendee of PAX East 2011 who played Homefront on the show floor, received a free copy of the book (Homefront: The Voice of Reason), which is an excellent book I highly recommend. I was just curious if anyone else has read the book, but also played the game, because one of the bad things I have heard about the game is that it doesn't give much back story (which the book gives plenty of), and if this had any effect on your perception of the game.  I will probably buy the game if the Amazon price drops down to $40 again, but I was just curious if the book enriched your game experience, or vice versa.

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I will be at the panel, and I can't wait to see you guys.

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@Baillie: Got it, thanks.
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I have the same problem.  It just keeps poping up the same authentication window over and over again. 
[EDIT] Got it! Just use your Giant Bomb user name and password, and if your name has any caps in it, make them lowercase when you log in.

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I just saw one of those today.  Glad I reported it.

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Just so you guys know, there is now a patch that fixes this glitch.

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The new quest system is awesome.  No doubt about it.  I feel it is a very effective and rewarding way for people to learn stuff and stay loyal to GB.
The one thing I really don't under stand is the leveling system.  I have no idea what it does.  It would be awesome if it did one of the folowing:
Gave discounts on the store
Gave Moderator-ship if you hit a high enough level
Or anything else you can think of.

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Let me start off by saying how awesome the new quest system is.  It is a supper rewarding way to learn about stuff.
But can anyone tell me what the levels do?

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