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My favourite comments have to be the "Remember Kinect" comments because I do remember Kinect. I remember Kinect as being a MASSIVE source of entertainment in my household that continues to deliver (primarily via Dance Central and H.A.T.) and as a massive success for for Microsoft. So everytime I read "remember Kinect" I am only reminded of all the people who continue to refuse to even attempt to train themselves in new forms of UI/UX.

Too many people consider being faithful to an input device as a strength or virtue, when the inability to adapt is in fact a weakness.

Let's also not forget, fastest selling electronic device of all time...

Remember they removed the Kinect from the Xbox One bundle not because people didn't want one, but that people weren't prepared to pay £100 more for a new console. I really wish Microsoft took the hit on that one and kept the bundled in Kinect and just reduced the price. The only way we are going to perfect new forms of input device is by saturating the market with them, thereby ensuring their continued development. So by forcing Microsoft's hand to remove the Kinect, everybody loses, as motion tracking and voice recognition take a back seat and will take decades longer to perfect.

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Windows 10 for free, DX12 and Xbox One streaming to PC. Amazing news.

Hololens, well, let's just see. The walking on Mars stuff did sound amazing but can I play Elite Dangerous with it?...

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Can you take a screen grab so we can see what you mean?

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There's a reason why the word "ass" appears twice in the title of these games.

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Played the beta on the Xbox One last night. No connection issues at all. All seemed pretty stable to me.

However, I was bored after the first race and didn't like the handling on any of the vehicles I tried.

Opening up events by driving into radar stations - hilarious though.

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Over the years, Ubisoft has become more of a soulless husk of a company who seem to be much more interested in money rather than the craft. This is one example where they are trying to farm users to their irrelevant online portals and the other news I read today is that they want to start targetting young children with merchandise. Not teenagers, like 5-6 yr old because they want to tap into that lucrative Minecraft market... Here little timmy, have a cute figurine of an assassin who kills people violently for a living...

Concentrate on the games, pour love into them and success will come. Coming up with marketing strategies won't work on gamers, they can see right through the BS.

Maybe they need to climb a tower and to uncover how gamers are feeling about their company right now?

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Excellent spot Patrick.

It's encouraging to see Valve start to be a bit more responsible about their early access program. I'd personally like to see them go further though. If the focus of the program is to involve the community (who purchased the title) in the development process then I think they should set up official channels of communication between the developers and, let's call them the backers. Make the developers accountable for maintaining a level of dialogue with the backers and hopefully we would see some ideas taken on board. If this happened then I'd be happy to participate in early access again.

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@dayoneadvantage said:

Not sure why people still talk shit about Origin.

Are there really that many people actually doing that anymore? There certainly aren't in this specific comment thread.

Even back in the day, there wasn't too much hate about the client itself. Rather the problem is that we were forced to use it for new EA games and who wants to bother with maintaining another login and running another client when we were all already using Steam? Why can't we just buy and play the games through the client we were comfortable with? (Answer: Because Valve and EA had a pissing match about control over selling DLC). Origin isn't bad, but Steam wins simply by nature of being first and entrenched.

That said, while the client is fine, I feel EA has negatively exploited Origin exclusivity for their games more than Valve has exploited Steam exclusivity. Prime example is that because Origin is the only means through which you can buy DLC for newer EA PC games, they rarely or even never discount DLC. Mass Effect 3 DLC for example, has never gone on sale even though the game itself has been on sale multiple times. It still costs you $40 if you want just the the story based DLCs for that game.

I think if EA want their platform to be taken seriously they have to withhold content from Steam to get people to start to use Origin. I don't see anything wrong with that, it's entirely up to them. In fact, for those who were there at the grand launch of Half-life 2, that's exactly what Valve did. You could only play Half-life 2 by installing Steam. Not only that, you had to have an Internet connection to register Steam before Half-life 2 would even play (you could put Steam into an offline mode but only after you did the initial registration).

I also don't see an awful lot of Valve games for sale on Origin either so saying EA are using exploitative practices to gain a user-base for their platform while maintaining Valve are innocent of such practices is entirely unfair.

I also can't remember ever getting a game totally free through Steam like this.

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I never have to reboot mine.

I'd say it's a HDD compatibility problem rather than anything to do with the Xbox.

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The Xbox One controller has better inputs (the triggers are outstanding) and is more comfortable (when you go from a One controller back to 360 you notice it). You can also use any controller and connect it to your PC with a standard USB cable (I use mine with a Kindle charging lead).

However the 360 controller is better made, more solid and robust. Although they have had 10 years of practice refining the construction.

Unless you plan on using the D-pad a lot, the 360 controller will do everything the One controller does, and its cheaper.