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It's right now (and the last 6 weeks) that needs games... who cares if we are 'one less' in October.

They're still plenty of games to play this Autumn, probably too many really. It's going to be a competitive Christmas this year.

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Maybe, JUST MAYBE, 2015 is going to be the year we see a Final Fantasy VII remake and Shenmue 3??? maybe?

Very pleased to hear this news today. Capcom, just take my money now...

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@darkest4 said:

As a multiple playstation console owner, extremely disappointed by Sony's hypocrisy and clear anti competition move here while insulting us with this clear bullshit excuse and implying we are not worthy of making our own purchase decisions.

No, no, wait. PS4 is "for the players". They've said it enough times now there are millions of morons who think it's actually true.

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@euandewar: Sony have been rude since the launch of the PS3 when they said everybody would buy one (at $600) even if they released no games for it.

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Wow. Thanks mate, managed to get one.

Top man.

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They've already said that there won't be a conventional interaction between real players because it would take you (literally) years to travel to the next player. They have also said they have been inspired by the kind of multiplayer that Journey brought to games. They also said there would be a "meaningful" interaction though. Whatever that means. Trading?

I'm keeping a sceptical viewpoint on this game until we see some more. It all sounds too good to be true so far. I'm missing the catch.

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I'd say both consoles are on par now (when DX12 matures however I could see Xbox taking an advantage, but that's just a guess at the moment), however one of the most interesting things about the Xbox is the ever developing dashboard. They update this monthly at the moment to introduce new functionality.

If you look back to how Microsoft evolved the Xbox 360 dashboard from blades through the NXE to a more metro design you can see that they constantly evolve. The Xbox One is build on a app-centric platform which makes development even easier. And that was done on purpose.

Sony, well let's face facts, the UI on the PS3 doesn't look any different than it did from day 1 to me... And I've hated it since day 1 before anyone says it's great. I also personally don't expect them to change in that regard beyond the features they promised being added.

It's actually one of the exciting things about the Xbox One. It's a small thing compared to games and not something a lot of people think about but it is rather significant. They also set up a feedback forum so the community can vote for new features...the machine you see today will be very, VERY different a year from now.

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I was about to say "are you using the instant on feature"?

I find that things begin to break if the console isn't properly rebooted after a while.

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Dead Rising 3 was why I bought the system, and it's great. The most 'finished' of the launch games on any of the next-gen systems.

Titanfall is pretty good too.

However there is a drought of games at the moment until August. I'd probably wait if I were you.

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I have a broad scottish accent and Kinect understands me 99.9% of the time on the Xbox One. I think it's very good and will be extremely handy when I have 200 games on the hard drive.

Maybe you are just not saying the right commands? That's a gripe I have. They should put some fuzzy criteria in the commands. Let me say "Xbox go to Tomb Raider" and at least PROMPT ME if I don't happen to say "Xbox go to Tomb Raider Definitive Edition".